The 6 Best Carrie Underwood Duets from Tony Bennett to Ludacris

A lot has happened since Carrie Underwood won American Idol in 2005.

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She’s released an impressive nine studio albums and has become one of the most award-winning country music artists. Outside of her musical influence, Underwood is now a mother of two and dipped her toe into the realm of acting. (Soul Surfer, anyone?) We’re truly blown away by Underwood’s storytelling ability, whether through song or another medium.

So, in honor of the singer and her continued musical offerings (shoutout to the recently released Denim & Rhinestones), we’re taking a walk down memory lane. Read below for some of our favorite Carrie Underwood duets.

1. “Remind Me” with Brad Paisley

We still get chills listening to this song. Underwood and Paisley’s vocal back and forth on the 2011 track sends us swaying while we listen to the song’s characters rekindle their romance.

Oh so on fire so in love
That look in your eyes that I miss so much
Remind me, baby remind me

2. “Somethin’ Bad” with Miranda Lambert

Grab your spacesuits when Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert join forces because the results will be something out of this world. “Somethin’ Bad,” a duet between the two is one such collaboration where the pair give their own take on the subgenre of “bro-country.” In 2014, the year the song debuted, Lambert said in an interview that “[i]t’s been too long since two girls in our genre have come together like that, especially on a song that’s kind of in your face.”

3. “The Champion” with Ludacris

Now, we didn’t necessarily expect this collaboration, but we’re certainly glad it happened. “The Champion” dropped in 2018 as a bonus track on her Cry Pretty album. Lyrically, the song was written to celebrate the triumphs of athletes but also to celebrate everyday triumphs.

4. “It Had to Be You” with Tony Bennett

Most recently known for his collaborations with pop songstress Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett also worked with Underwood on his Duets II album. “I would have sang anything with Tony,” Underwood said in 2012. “Whatever he wanted, I was there. He requested ‘It Had To Be You’ to sing with me.”

5. “The Fighter” with Keith Urban

Enter another country living legend: Keith Urban. This Urban-Underwood duet was written for Urban’s album Ripcord and tugs on the pair’s pop leanings. It’s a feel-good song that leaves us wishing for more collaborations between the two.

6. “How Great Thou Art” with Vince Gill

Rounding out our list, for now, is “How Great Thou Art.” It’s a religious song that Underwood duetted with Nashville star Vince Gill. This duet is an emotionally-charged song for the two artists, and when they perform it live, the emotion is palpable.

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