The Intimate Meaning Behind Kali Uchis & Don Toliver’s “Fantasy”

Kali Uchis and Don Toliver’s nearly two-year-long relationship continues to go smoothly, at least from an outsider’s perspective. Fans have only been able to catalog developments in their romance through collaborative tracks, though. And with her third official studio album on March 3, the Columbian-American songstress linked with her man, Toliver, to update her fans on how they’ve been doing.

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Meaning Behind the Song

“Fantasy” is the sixth song on the track list for Kali Uchis’ latest LP, Red Moon in Venus. Produced by Jahaan Sweet and P2J, the song was written by Uchis, her aforementioned boyfriend, Don Toliver, and its co-producer, Sweet. Throughout the song, Kali and Don discuss wanting to dance away their relationship issues and arrive at forgiveness.

Hear me now
Let the sun come on down
I feel your hand, let me make it right
I’ll do it all again just to see your face
I’m really winnin’, livin’ happily
This here my fantasy
I wanna start me a family
Baby, tell me why you’re mad at me

I wanna dance, throw my hands in the air
I wanna dance, where no one really cares

When speaking about their relationship in an interview with The Breakfast Club on the day Red Moon in Venus was released, Toliver touched on the trials and tribulations of dating. Addressing disagreements he and Uchis may have from time to time, saying “love usually triumphs over anger or bitterness.”

“I’m in a good spot but I mean, when you’re in a relationship sometimes it’s not like peaches and cream,” he said on the Power 105.1 FM show. “Sometimes y’all busy, y’all’s schedules conflict, y’all might be arguing about the littlest and dumbest things. It’s a lot of stuff that goes on that makes a relationship tougher than it is sometimes.”

Worshipping Your Partner

However, instead of starting fights, Uchis asserts on “Fantasy” that she wants her man to worship her. Singing I just want the fantasy, I love it when you worship me in the hook, it seems that the duo finds that obsession keeps their bond healthy.

“I’m just way more invested in my relationship than I’ve probably ever been in any other relationship,” Toliver said later in the interview when asked why he and Uchis work well together.

On each of their last three full-length efforts, Uchis and Toliver have demonstrated their tight connection with joint tracks. Just a week before “Fantasy” landed on Red Moon in Venus, Toliver dropped his third studio album, Love Sick, on Feb. 24. As the eighth song on the track list and the tape’s second promotional single, “4 Me,” featuring Uchis, christened Valentine’s Day season and affirmed to listeners the thriving romance of the couple.

Prior to “Fantasy” and “4 Me,” Don and Kali put out their first collaborative song in June 2021 with “Drugs N Hella Melodies.” As a tool for officially announcing themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend, “Drugs N Hella Melodies” was the second promotional single for Toliver’s eventual October 2021 album, Life of a DON.

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