The Killers Working Well Into Eighth Album with Dave Keuning

Earlier this year, The Killers finished recording their seventh album, featuring founding member and guitarist Dave Keuning, and are well into working on their eighth release.

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“It still sounds like The Killers,” said Keuning of the band’s seventh album in a recent interview. “A lot of these songs were ready to be recorded, and I would come in and play guitar. I did actually come in with a few song ideas that we worked on together and then made the record, so that was fun. It’s different.”

A member of the band since its inception in 2001, Keuning stepped down from his role in The Killers in 2017 to pursue more solo efforts, releasing his debut Prismism in 2019 and 2021 follow up A Mild Case of Everything, and has continued to work on every Killers album since, with the exception of their 2020 release Imploding the Mirage.

The seventh album, which is more of a concept record, now in the dust, Keuning is already working with the band on the next.

“I’m just happy to be back in any capacity on the seventh record and now that that’s done, I’m just excited to write and see where the eighth one goes,” said Keuning. “I don’t think we know what it’ll sound like. It’s too early, but we’re writing ideas for it and we’ve got quite a few already, so we have a good start.”

Ever since COVID happened, the only thing to do was to record, Keuning recently told American Songwriter

“I’m writing stuff, but it’s still the very early stages for that one,” says Keuning of the eight release. “As far as material, I’ve no idea what it’ll sound like.”

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