The Kinks Will Continue Their Epic Anthology Celebration with ‘The Journey – Part 2’

In celebration of their 60-year anniversary as a band, The Kinks are releasing an epic anthology album titled The Journey – Part 2 on November 17 through BMG. The Journey – Part 1 was released this past March.

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The Journey – Part 2 will be available in many forms including 2CD, 2LP, Digital, and HD Digital. The anthology album will also feature new mixes by the band’s lead singer Ray Davies, as well as previously unreleased tracks. A booklet containing band photos and track-by-track notes will be included in the physical releases of The Journey – Part 2.

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A new digital single from the forthcoming anthology album titled “Everybody’s a Star (Starmaker) (Live 1975, 2023 Mix),” was released today. The single’s release was accompanied by a new music video.

Davies recently discussed the extended compilation album in a press statement. “I thought I knew everything about my songs until I was given the opportunity to put this record together,” Davies said. “The new sequencing has enabled us to show the ‘big picture’ and give a more insightful back story about how our music evolved. I learned a lot about myself in putting this together.”

“Another chance to listen to some of my favorite Kinks releases over the years,” said guitarist Dave Davies. “A perfect example of our diverse and creative musical legacy.”

“A strong selection of Kinks songs across the years, that should give the listener some nice surprises,” added drummer Mick Avory.

Check out the official tracklist for The Journey – Part 2‘s 2LP release below:

Side 1

The World Around The Journeyman Starts To Crumble As His Life Is Turned Upside Down.

1.   Till The End Of The Day (1965)

2.   Preservation (1974)

3.   David Watts (1967)

4.   This Time Tomorrow (Alternate Take, 2020 Mix) (1970)

5.   A Well Respected Man (1965)

6.   Monica (1968)

7.   Scrapheap City (1974)

Side 2

The Journeyman Is Led Astray By Ghosts And A Dark Angel.

1.   Lola (1970)

2.   Sunny Afternoon (1966)

3.   Animal Farm (1968)

4.   Creeping Jean (1969) *

5.   Two Sisters (1967)

6.   See My Friends (1965)

7.   Money Talks (2023 Mix) (1974) **

Side 3

Our Journeyman Is Seduced By Those Ghosts And Demons Of The Underworld And Searches For His Lost Innocence.

1.   Rainy Day In June (1966)

2.   Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (1966)

3.   Where Are They Now? (2023 Mix) (1973) **

4.   Wicked Annabella (1968)

5.   Susannah’s Still Alive (1967) *

6.   20th Century Man (1971)

7.   Sitting By The Riverside (1968)

Side 4

Despair Turns To Elation As Journeyman Overcomes His Fear. Reunites With Old Friends.

1.   New Victoria Suite – Everybody’s A Star (Starmaker) (Live, 2023 Mix) (1975) **

2.   New Victoria Suite – Slum Kids (Live, 2023 Mix) (1975) **

3.   New Victoria Suite – (A) Face In The Crowd (Live, 2023 Mix) (1975) **

4.   Holiday Romance (1975)

5.   Big Sky (1968)

6.   God’s Children (1971)

Photo by Evening Standard/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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