St. Vincent Wants Artists to “Go For It!!” Says She’d Rather be “Offended Than Bored”

St. Vincent isn’t one to hold back.

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And the acclaimed artist (born Annie Clark) wants other artists to feel confident to do the same.

In a recent tweet on Wednesday (January 25) to her nearly one-million Twitter followers, the standout songwriter, singer, guitar player and performer encouraged her fans to do what they could to bring some excitement to the world of creativity.

The 40-year-old Oklahoma-born St. Vincent wrote on Twitter, “Artists! Go for it!! We need you!!! In music, as with people, I’d personally rather be offended than bored.”

To which the at-times-offensive and always interesting musician and painter John Lurie replied, “working on it.”

The tweet from St. Vincent comes with the obvious backdrop that many online express outrage and anger (sometimes at the drop of a hat) if something offensive, perceived as offensive, or might be in the ballpark of offensive crosses their desktop or cell phone. It’s not breaking news to say the world has never seemed more polarizing and ready to take offense more than it does today, incentivized by social media where an opinion, good or bad, can travel the world in a matter of moments.

And with her tweet, St. Vincent is saying, it would seem, that it’s okay to try. Don’t attempt harm, of course, but if, through the act of creativity, someone says something that could be deemed offensive, so be it, if it’s done in the name of attempting, at least, to make good art.

For that, Lurie, and likely many more, approve.

St. Vincent, for her part, has collaborated with big names including David Byrne throughout her career. To date, she’s released six solo LPs, including her latest in 2021, Daddy’s Home.

St. Vincent Photo by Zackery Michael / Nasty Little Man PR

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