‘The Simpsons’ Producer Shares His Dream Cameo

Many a musician has graced the world of The Simpsons, but there are some artists who are unattainable—the ideal get that is just out of reach. One of the show’s executive producers and writers, Al Jean, has just named the “Holy Grail” of cameos.

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While Jean admitted it was too late to cast former-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saying “He definitely was a character right for satire but we had our own issues in America,” he did reveal that many of his “dream” cameos could never happen today. He named John Lennon among the handful of hopefuls.

“Many of the ones that I’d say would be a dream are never going to be on, like John Lennon or Neil Armstrong,” Jean reportedly told the Press Association. “We had tried to get a few US presidents, not recently, and they said no so that was the sort of like the Holy Grail we never found.”

However, it “astounds” Jean how many icons agree to be Simpson-ified. The show has seen at least one celebrity cameo a season over its three-decade-long run with more and more legends still lining up to go to Springfield well into the program’s 34th season.

John Lennon passed well before the show was a twinkle in America’s eye, but The Simpsons have seen appearances from other members of the Fab Four. Paul McCartney helped Lisa through a vegetarian crisis, George Harrison witnessed Homer’s attempt at a barber shop quartet, and Ringo Starr finally responded to Marge’s fan mail.

Revisit more memorable musical cameos from the show, HERE, and watch George Harrison meet the Homer Simpson in this video.

Let us know what you imagine Lennon’s Simpsons cameo would have been like in the comments below.

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