“There’s No Miracle”: Jon Bon Jovi Issues Definitive Message on Touring Amid Vocal Recovery 

Jon Bon Jovi started singing at age 12, when he formed his first band. By 1983, the New Jersey native had formed the arena rock band Bon Jovi. Three years later, the group’s third album, Slippery When Wet, had taken them international with hits like “You Give Love a Bad Name” and “Livin’ On a Prayer.” All that singing caught up to Jon Bon Jovi in 2022, when he underwent medialization surgery after one of his vocal cords began to atrophy. Although the frontman has been in vocal therapy ever since, he recently admitted he still isn’t ready to return to the road.

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Can Jon Bon Jovi Tour? For Now, “The Answer Is No”

The band dropped its 16th studio album, Forever, June 7. The record comes four years after 2020, which reached No. 19 on the Billboard 200 Album chart.

The musicians announced the Bon Jovi: 2020 Tour in January of that year. Unfortunately, they were forced to cancel when the rest of the world shut down in spring 2020. And sadly, it appears touring is still off the table as Jon Bon Jovi continues to work on regaining his vocal prowess.

The philanthropist and activist says he is “more than capable of singing again.” However, “The bar is now: can I do two and a half hours a night, four nights a week?” he told The Guardian. “The answer is no.”

Bon Jovi added, “There’s no miracle. I just wish there was a f****** light switch.”

Even if touring isn’t a viable option, Bon Jovi isn’t ready to stop working. “As long as I have the ability, I will write songs and make records,” he said.

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Bon Jovi Wants This Singer To Front Skid Row

Not everyone knows that Jon Bon Jovi is partially responsible for another New Jersey rock band’s success. He grew up with Skid Row guitarist Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo and even helped the band get their record deal in the late ’80s.

These days, Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale has been filling in for Skid Row’s lead singer, Erik Grönwall, who left the band in March to prioritize healing from leukemia treatments. And Bon Jovi has made it clear what he thinks of Hale’s performances with the “18 and Life” rockers.

“Please, Lzzy Hale, join Skid Row,” the 62-year-old rocker said during a recent interview with Rock Sound. “Put the two bands together, if you need to. But this is the best thing that happened to Snake since he met me.”

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