Toby Keith’s New Album ‘100% Songwriter’ Has Arrived

Toby Keith fans should rejoice. The country legend’s newest album 100% Songwriter, originally announced in September, is now available and it’s 100% composed of fan favorites.

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The album showcases songs entirely written by Keith throughout his illustrious career. Fittingly, the album opens with “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” one of Keith’s signature songs that features his trademark swagger.

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The album also includes another fan favorite with the patriotic “Courtesy of the Red, White And Blue (The Angry American).” That song explored Keith’s feelings following the 9/11 attacks during a period of mourning for the country.

Keith’s celebration of his songwriting achievements comes at a time when he has been fighting for his health. The country legend has been battling stomach cancer since 2021 and has struggled to get back to singing.

In an interview with Country Now, Keith said, “I haven’t worked in two years. First time in my life I’ve never worked. My dad would kick my butt. But I’m not going to let my illness define me. I said, I’m going to go forward…if everything goes good with, if I get through ’em…I will. I’ll crush ’em,” he said, changing his tune to a more confident mindset. 

Keith has also faced the difficult challenge of rediscovering his own work, saying, “I got to get used to my lyrics again. I know I wrote all those songs, but I still got to remember ’em, and I’ve never been through this before. But yeah, we’re going to blow it up.”

You can find the complete list of Keith’s album’s tracks below:

1. “Should’ve Been A Cowboy,” Toby Keith

2. “He Ain’t Worth Missin’, “Toby Keith

3. “Wish I Didn’t Know Now,” Toby Keith

4. “Who’s That Man?,” Boomtown

5. “Big Ol’ Truck,” Boomtown

6. “Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine On You,” Blue Moon

7. “Country Comes To Town, “How Do You Like Me Now?!

8. “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This,” How Do You Like Me Now?!

9. “Courtesy Of The Red, White and Blue (The Angry American),” Unleashed

10. “Who’s Your Daddy?,” Unleashed

11. “Stays In Mexico, “Greatest Hits 2

12. “Honkytonk U,” Honkytonk U

13. “Crash Here Tonight, “White Trash With Money

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

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