Tory Lanez Sends Message to Fans from Prison

Though he’s set to face 10 years behind bars for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020, Canadian rapper Tory Lanez’s spirit hasn’t been broken, at least according to him.

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“Ayo Umbrellas, man, what’s good?” Lanez said in a message to his fans via jail call. “I’m talking to you live from prison right now. Man, I’m just happy to get out that bullshit county jail. They was hating on a young fly n***a, you heard? Had me on 24-hour lockdown, half-sized cell by myself. No windows, no mirrors. N***a ain’t even seen himself in a whole year. But with all them disadvantages against me, my head is always been held high, man.”

Later in this voice recording, which was posted to Lanez’s Instagram page by his team, the MC promised that he would be dropping music in the near future, Among these vaulted projects ready for release is the deluxe version of his sixth album Alone at Prom, which arrived in December 2021.

“This shit don’t spark no fear in my heart at all,” he said. “In fact, I’m more prepared than ever. The music, the videos, and all the projects you wanted, they all ready to drop.”

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Earlier this month, Lanez’s motion for bond while seeking to appeal his sentence was denied. This meant that he was officially transferred from a Los Angeles County jail to North Kern State Prison in Delano, California. Though this is only a temporary prison for him while authorities look to find him a permanent facility, Lanez did have a mugshot photo taken, and has been subjected to “Administrative Segregation.”

The terms of this “Administrative Segregation” include mostly solitude for Lanez, where he spends most of his time away from other prisoners, eating meals, and spending time outside all alone. Additionally, as opposed to the fine dining he likely partook in while living his lucrative rapper lifestyle, Lanez has reportedly been eating mostly bologna sandwiches and hard-boiled eggs while at North Kern, signifying the harsh reality that Lanez will grow accustomed to while locked up.

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