U2 Joins TikTok, Teases New Song “Your Song Saved My Life” & Bono Stars in Animated Movie

Irish rock band U2 officially joined the massively popular social media platform, TikTok, on November 1. Despite just joining, the band was welcomed onto the site with 249.5 million views already attached to #U2. The band’s debut post was a short clip that teased a new song titled “Your Song Saved My Life,” which will be released in full on November 3.

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U2 now on TikTok. And new track #YourSongSavedMyLife from @Sing out Nov 3rd. #BonosDrawings #Sing2

♬ Your Song Saved My Life – From Sing 2 – U2

“Your Song Saved My Life” is a song from the Sing 2 movie soundtrack that will hit theaters on December 22. Bono, the band’s frontman and musical Renaissance man, will star in the animated movie as the voice of a rock star lion named Clay Calloway.

“The lion who’s lost his roar touched me and as it turned out, method acting was not a problem here… I just had to get in touch with my inner big cat,” Bono told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s a movie for kids and adults—and for an adult who’s vowed never to grow up, it was a kick to make.”

“Your Song Saved My Life” will not be the only song from U2—Sing 2 will feature a second song from the band whose details have yet to be announced. “There’s a scene in the middle of the film that is about two and a half minutes long of Scarlett [Johansson] singing a U2 song,” Sing 2 director Garth Jennings told Entertainment Weekly.

“It’s just her and the guitar. I remember when we recorded it, it was just fantastic,” Jennings continued. “It’s very poignant; it’s got to be very emotional. It was a sort of spontaneous moment but she has the talent to be able to do that. When you hear it, it sends chills.”

In addition to U2’s cinematic ventures, November 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the band’s seventh studio album Achtung Baby. U2 will be releasing unpublished footage from the Achtung Baby performances via their newly created TikTok account.

Photo by Helena Christensen.

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