Video Premiere: Fire Mountain, “Moving Target”

Alabama natives Fire Mountain shot the video for “Moving Target” over the river and through the woods at singer Perry Brown’s grandmother’s house. In spite of this pleasantly nostalgic setting, the song is rife with melancholy.

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“This song is about growing older and growing apart from people,” says Brown. “It’s something that just happens, everyone gets their own lives and they move in different directions. We wanted to symbolize this in the video by having the band members be all together at the beginning and gradually drifting apart.”

The drama ramps up when the organ comes in after the chorus, transforming the song into something that’s not quite country and not quite Southern rock. It’s something memorable though.

The band’s full-length debut album, All Dies Down, takes its name from a lyric in “Moving Target.” It’s available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify via This Is American Music.


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