Vince Gill Reveals His Favorite Ever Compliment From Don Henley, Talks Eagles, Vintage Guitars, & More

Vince Gill already has his own extensive career as one of the best songwriters of all time. Now, he’s part of Eagles, and his legacy as a country rock icon is about to get even more extensive.

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In a recent interview with Andrew Daly of Guitarist, Gill dished on his time with the Eagles and his love of vintage guitars. Specifically, he talked about the mortality of Eagles, who are currently extending their farewell tour, The Long Goodbye.

“There’s a sense of mortality in music,” said Gill in the interview. “Great playing has a beginning, a middle, and an end. I try to have my playing tell that story, just like any song. I think about all the elements; I intend always to serve the song, not myself. My favorite music is never distracting; the things you don’t notice mean the most.”

Gill went on to say that his experience touring with Eagles has been surreal, considering he was a fan of the band when he was a child.

When asked about using vintage guitars on the farewell tour, Gill gushed about his love for older instruments.

“Man, vintage guitars have a soul to them,” said Gill. “They’ve got a different kind of soul, which is different from new guitars. I’ve had a few ’Bursts, though I’m not bringing them out as much these days. The one nice Les Paul I am playing out now is a reissue of Eric Clapton’s 1960 Gibson Les Paul Sunburst.”

Vince Gill’s History With Eagles

Vince Gill joined the Eagles back in 2017 after Glenn Frey’s tragic passing. Eagles have been known for their Southern California rock music with only mild country leanings, so fans were surprised that they chose Gill to take Frey’s place in the band. However, when you think about it, it definitely makes sense. Eagles’ earlier work in the early 1970s was packed with country influence.

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According to Gill, taking the spot was an honor and an easy decision. Especially after getting a major compliment from Don Henley.

“My favorite compliment came from Don Henley, who got a country rock guy in his band because I know how to be in a band,” said Gill. “That’s high praise. I know what’s needed and don’t waste time playing stuff that no one wants to hear.”

One can’t help but agree that Vince Gill and Eagles go together like butter on toast.

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