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On Friday night, headliners The Avett Brothers took the main stage to play a lengthy two-hour set. Scott and Seth Avett energetically entered the stage equipped with their full band of cello, upright bass, and drums. Even with the drummer present, the Avetts continued their lively style of stomping a kick drum and hi-hat while plucking their guitar and banjo.

The set was a satisfying one for diehard Avett fans, as they played a variety of songs from their entire catalog. They began with a majority of songs from Emotionalism such as “Shame,” “Go To Sleep,” “Paranoia In B Minor,” and “Will You Return.” The music continued as The Avett Brothers reached further back in their catalog to play songs such as “At The Beach,” “Love Like The Movies,” and “I Killed Sally’s Lover.” Fans who favored I And Love And You got their fix toward the end of the set as the band hammered out “Kick Drum Heart” to an ecstatic crowd, followed by a tear jerking “I And Love And You” with Seth Avett leading the ballad on keys. After “I And Love And You,” the backing band left the stage, leaving the two brothers huddled around a single microphone to intimately tribute Doc Watson’s “Down In The Valley To Pray” in an a cappella fashion.

After the cover, it became apparent that the fans weren’t quite finished with the Avett Brothers yet. Passionately, the crowd begged for an encore and, in return, received three additional songs. The first was another tribute as the brothers performed Doc and Merle Watson’s “I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home,” followed by “And It Spread.” The band ended the unbelievable set with a new upbeat song that left us all with tremendous anticipation for the Avetts’ next release.


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