Watch Charles Wesley Godwin Deliver a Fantastic Cover of Gordan Lightfoot’s “Sundown” at Stagecoach

Stagecoach was quite a ride last month, and one of the biggest performances came from country star Charles Wesley Godwin. He performed a fantastic cover of Gordan Lightfoot’s 1974 hit song “Sundown” and even released the cover on Amazon Music. Now, the country-folk singer has released a live video of the Stagecoach performance for fans.

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It looks like we might still have to wait a while for the stunning cover to be released on Apple Music and/or Spotify. Still, there’s nothing like seeing live footage of the performance. Just as well, many fans think the live version is even better than the studio version available on Amazon Music.

Charles Wesley Godwin’s Relationship With Gordan Lightfoot

Godwin often performs “Sundown” during his tours and it’s become a staple on his setlist. “Sundown” is an iconic track known for its somewhat happy-go-lucky sound that clashes with its heavy lyrics. 

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The song is about Lightfoot’s relationship with ex-girlfriend Cathy Smith in which the singer was worried she would cheat on him while he was touring on the road. He’s a man who can’t see straight due to love.

Fans of Lightfoot have made the song one of his biggest hits. And one of those fans is Godwin.

“I believe Gordon to have been one of the greatest songwriters of our time,” said Godwin in a statement upon the cover’s release. “And [I] felt this opportunity with Amazon Music was perfect to shine a light on one of his most popular songs a little over 50 years after its original release date. Hopefully, through this version that me and the guys recorded, a new generation of music listeners can be introduced to Gordon’s music and become fans of his themselves.”

Godwin is currently touring across the United States. His next stop will be tonight in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Cain’s Ballroom with support from Calder Allen.

Photo courtesy of Charles Wesley Godwin’s official Facebook page

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