Watch Morgan Wallen Takes a Tumble on Stage—Not Miss a Beat

Yet again, a country star has fallen on stage. This time, it was the controversial Morgan Wallen who tripped and fell on stage during his July 4 set at BST Hyde Park in London, England.

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The singer was performing a rendition of his song “You Proof” when he appeared to trip over something on stage. No injuries were reported, and it looked like Wallen recovered fairly quickly after the fall.

It appears as though Wallen tripped over a cord or some type of equipment. He may have hit an amplifier or some other heavy object, as you can hear an audible “thud” sound when his boot hit the object. Wallen caught himself pretty quickly and simply continued the set with little acknowledgment of the trip.

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The set was part of a large 10-day-long music festival at Hyde Park, which also featured artists like Alana Springsteen, Riley Green, and more. Shania Twain is also expected to perform at the fest across the pond on Sunday, July 7.

Country Singers Love Falling On Stage

It’s an odd phenomenon, but it’s definitely explainable. Sometimes equipment gets in the way, the stage is particularly slippery, or the country artist in question is a bit tipsy. Falls happen. But they do happen a lot when it comes to country singers.

Just last month, Luke Combs took a sliding fall on stage, though he definitely made the situation light and funny. Cole Chaney fell from the stage at an Austin show a few months ago, and Morgan Wallen has fallen a few times in the past. Luke Bryan, in particular, is known for falling quite often during his live sets.

We need to start making cowboy boots with better grip, y’all.

Photo by Michael Loccisano

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