4 Songs for People Who Say They Don’t Like Ringo Starr

The Beatles broke up more than 50 years ago, and their music is still deeply loved by fans young and old today. John Lennon and George Harrison enjoyed successful solo careers before their deaths, and Paul McCartney has been making music since the band broke up. Ringo Starr hasn’t put out as much music during his solo career as one would expect, but he released quite a few hits through the years. To celebrate the former Beatles drummer’s musical talent, let’s look at a few songs from his solo career that even people who don’t like Ringo Starr will enjoy.

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1. “Beaucoups Of Blues”

This 1970 track was part of Starr’s solo country album of the same name. It was his first foray into country music and was recorded in Nashville. You can hear the childlike wonder in this track that anyone from across the pond would feel when visiting the country music capital of the world for the very first time. Elvis Presley’s guitarist, the legendary Scotty Moore, harmonizes on this song.

2. “Photograph”

“Photograph” was released in 1973 and was written while Starr was collaborating with former Beatles member George Harrison. It was his very first solo hit to reach no. 1 on the charts, and for good reason. His voice is at its best on this track, and the musical arrangement of the whole thing is spectacular. Bobby Keys delivers a killer saxophone solo, too.

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3. “Oh My My”

This 1974 track marked a period when Starr had finally reached a level of solo fame that his former Beatles bandmates had. “Oh My My” was the middle child in a consecutive string of Top 20 hits, and it still deserves some attention. Tina Turner later covered it.

4. “Weight Of The World”

This “newer” song from Ringo Star might be perfect for you if you don’t particularly like his earlier music. Together with his All Starr Band, Starr recorded this album after almost a decade-long hiatus. The 1992 album Time Takes Time delivered this lead single, which is by far one of his best since the early years following The Beatles’ breakup.

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