Yola’s New Single “Starlight” Shines On Sex Positivity

Through her latest groove-centric single, “Starlight,” Yola relays the message that it is possible for every stage of your journey in love, sex, and connection to be nurturing. The sex positive single is the next release from her forthcoming album Stand For Myself—due July 30 via Easy Eye Sound.

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“The world seems to attach a negative trope of cold heartlessness to the concept of any sexual connection that isn’t marriage, this song looks through a lens of warmth specifically when it comes to sex-positivity,” Yola shared. “Understanding the necessity of every stage of connection and that it is possible for every stage of your journey in love, sex and connection to be nurturing. Temporary or transitory doesn’t have to be meaningless or miserable. In the right situations every connection can teach us something valuable about who we are, what we want and what is healthy.”

An accompanying video brings the symphonic soul to life. Directed by Ford Fairchild, the sensuous plot is set against a empyreal late-night neon cityscape.

About the production, Yola stated, “I wanted to put something into the world that showed people what my dating life is like now. I’m currently single, yes, but I’m not neglected or some soulless sex robot. The volume of media dedicated to showing dark-skinned Black women having a nice normal time in romantic situations, be it true love or just dating, is still lacking in my opinion.”

Messages of strength, sexuality, and black female power are recurring motifs in her anticipated album project. “Starlight” follows suit from her anthemic title-track, “Stand For Myself” and soul-funk single, “Diamond Studded Shoes.”

Produced by Dan Auerbach, the album traces a musical thread to Yola’s most eclectic musical inspirations. From the seminal albums Yola discovered, via her Mother’s ‘70s record collection, to her love of eclectic British radio—which featured a fluid mix of rock, ‘90s neo soul, R&B and britpop—all of which soundtracked her childhood and teenage years in Bristol, England. 

Yola experienced prejudice throughout her childhood and career and navigated these experiences. Additionally, she persevered in the face of homelessness in London and stress-induced voice loss to launch her solo career in 2016. She achieved breakout success with her debut album, Walk Through Fire, which landed her four Grammy nominations, including Best New Artist, critical acclaim and fans from Elton John to Mavis Staples.

Listen to “Starlight” below. Pre-order Yola’s upcoming album, Stand For Myself, here.

Photo Credit: Ford Fairchild

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