10 Blake Shelton Songs in Honor of His 45th Birthday

In honor of Blake Shelton’s 45th birthday, American Songwriter sifted through the renowned country artist’s extensive selection of songs to bring you 10 favorites. The artist is known for his detailed lyrics that tell a story, finding it hard not to see a full picture painted in nearly every one of Shelton’s songs. His years in the industry have made Shelton one of the most celebrated country singer/songwriters of all time. Happy birthday, Blake!

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10 Blake Shelton Songs:

1) “God’s Country”

The gritty country song perfectly captures backcountry southern living—and quickly became an anthem for the south. Shelton’s lyrics describes hard-working people whose relationships with the land is strengthened through God’s influence.

2) “Boys Round Here,” (ft. Pistol Annies)

The 2013 hit song describes a ‘redneck’ lifestyle and how it’s best encapsulated by tobacco, trucks, beer and gettin’ the girl.

3) “Nobody But You,” (Duet with Gwen Stefani)

In this classic love song, Shelton duets with his fiancée, Gwen Stefani. The two hit sweet harmonies as they sing about their adoration for each other, easily making it a hit country love song. I don’t wanna live without you / I don’t wanna even breathe / I don’t wanna dream about you / Wanna wake up with you next to me.

4) “Minimum Wage” – “Home”

In the 2021 hit, Shelton sings about how money is simply not everything. Instead, Shelton’s currency is love. The catchy song tells a story about how far Shelton has come, and how even when he didn’t have much, love made him feel like the richest man in the world.

5) “Happy Anywhere,” (ft. Gwen Stefani)

The sweet song features Stefani once again with mesmerizing harmonies. The 2020 hit was accompanied by a music video that shows the two artist’s love for each other, while revealing the goofy side of their relationship.

6) “Honey Bee”

“Honey Bee” describes a feel-good love story with lots of fun summery imagery. “Honey Bee” makes you want to grab a loved one and start dancing as Shelton sings, You’ll be my sunny day / I’ll be your shade tree / You’ll be my honeysuckle / I’ll be your honey bee.

7) “Sangria”

One of Shelton’s best known songs, Sangria is yet another love story about a couple that just can’t seem to get enough of each other. The song perfectly details how infatuation with another human feels. Shelton sings, Only thing I want to do tonight / Is drink you like a Spanish wine.

8) “God Gave Me You”

“God Gave Me You,” written by Dave Barnes, delves into how we are blessed to have people in our lives who stick around for the ups and downs. The music video explores those special relationships, like mother and daughter, good friends and even first responders at the scene of an accident.

9) “‘Ol Red”

“‘Ol Red” paints a full picture for its listeners, telling a tale about a man who gets sentenced to some time in prison and escapes past the prison’s guard dog—’Ol Red. Shelton’s country twang fits perfectly with the old folk tale feel.

10) “Some Beach”

“Some Beach” is a song that will fit right into your summer playlist. The tropical country feel of the song is one that makes you wish you had sand between your toes and a beer in your hand. As one of Shelton’s lighter songs, it’s easy on the ears and a good anthem for these hot, relaxing days.

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