10 Songs by Queer Artists to Blast This Pride Month

June is upon us which means pride month is here. This month, supporting LGBTQ+ artists is more important than ever, and a great way to show your support. Here are some songs by queer artists to put on your summer playlist.

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1) “Girls Like Girls,” Hayley Kiyoko

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Kiyoko, a lesbian singer/songwriter, released this anthem for women loving women in 2015. Her iconic lyrics: girls like girls like boys do, nothing new, continue to make strides in the music community.

2) “Honey,” Kehlani


Kehlani came out as lesbian this year and likes her girls just like she likes her honey, sweet, a little selfish & her women like she likes her money, green, a little jealous. “Honey” is queer anthem about the kind of women Kehlani usually gravitates to, and the one special girl she spends the most time with.

3) “Sweet Life“, Frank Ocean

Ocean’s summery song about what makes life sweet is both a perfect warm-weather and pride month song. The Chanel Orange and Blonde artist is a queer performer who remarks on social issues in many of his songs, whether it is class disparities, self-love or sexuality.

4) “You,” Troye Sivan (Regard, Tate McRae)

Released a little over a month ago, the new Sivan song is already a fan favorite about having someone on the mind no matter what you do. Sivan is a 25-year-old Australian pop star and singer/songwriter.

5) “Pussy is God“, King Princess

Released in 2018, the song serves as a queer anthem, describing a deep and intense female love story. Princess sings, you know that it’s God, baby, when you’re around her,
I’ve been praying for hours
, as she worships the special woman in her life.

6)” Q.U.E.E.N.“, Janelle Monáe

Monet, a queer woman, writes quirky lyrics in “Q.U.E.E.N.” about being different and accepting her own weirdness. In a break in the song, Monet sings, Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I wanna love who I am. The song flourishes with pride, self-acceptance and unapologetic peculiarity.

7) “Closer,” Tegan and Sara

The Canadian pop duo are identical twins and gay women. The Tegan and Sara Foundation works to fund projects for queer girls and women in the U.S. The two are music icons who have helped support and uplift the LGBTQ+ community through their music. “Closer” is a catchy song about love with an upbeat ‘80s flare to it.

8) “I Belong to You,” Brandi Carlile

Carlile, a queer female icon in the country music industry, wrote this love song about her wife. The heartfelt lyrics are ones that continue to move her fans to tears, as Carlile croons, I’m gonna die the exact same day as you, on the Golden Gate Bridge I’ll hold your hand and howl at the moon.

9) “Somebody to Love,” Queen

This timeless Queen song could simply not be left out of the pride list. Original frontman, Freddie Mercury, sings about the importance of love in his life.

10) “Elton’s Song,” Elton John

Last, but certainly not least, is one of Elton’s lesser-known songs, “Elton’s Song,” which explores how the music icon first had feelings for a man in his youth. The song follows the bullying he underwent and his personal journey with being a gay man. Tom Robinson’s powerful lyrics coupled with Elton’s story and the vulnerability in this song makes it an important one to give a listen to this June.

Make sure to add these songs to your summer playlist. It’s important to continue uplifting queer artists this month, and every month.

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