16-Year-Old Paige Anne Brings the Fire and Snow Cones to ‘American Idol’

American Idol fans got to see 16-year-old singer Paige Anne bring the fire to her audition on Sunday (March 19). And they also got to feel the FOMO when it came to see the show’s famous judges—Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry—sip on some snow cones.

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Walking into the audition, holding three green plastic cups, Anne lamented the fact she couldn’t bring a shave ice machine on the plane to Los Angeles. Yet, she found a new solution to crush up the ice and, as such, handed the cups to the judges to whet their whistles prior to her audition.

“What do we have?” asked Bryan.

“This is my signature flavor,” said Anne. “The sour patch kid. It has raspberry, watermelon, with sour spray.”

“Who are you?” asked Perry.

That’s when Anne, from Idaho Falls, Idaho, introduced herself and said what song she was going to sing—just as Richie got a brain freeze. Anne said she was going to sing “What About Us” by P!nk.

“Perfect,” said Bryan.

Anne displayed a mature voice for her age, capable of runs and range. She was able to sing low and hit the high notes and conjure the passion P!nk has become known for. Singing over a piano, Anne was able to add some growl to her voice, too.

“This audition means literally the world to me,” said Anne.

Her audition brought raised eyebrows and big eyes from the judges. “Yes!” said Perry, who likened the audition to the frozen treat Anne brought. At first, said Perry, it was all ice. Then at the end, that was the flavor, when Anne really went for it.

“I agree with Katy, you showed up at the second half of this thing gangbusters,” said Richie. “I think your nerves calmed down a little bit.”

The judges ultimately voted yes, with Perry adding, “You need to be motivated and grow in light speed.” But while she was a “no,” Richie and Bryan both gave a yes and Anne was onto the next round.

Check out her performance here below.

Photo: ABC/Eric McCandless

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