3 Movies Every Garth Brooks Fan Should See

Former American Songwriter Magazine cover star, Garth Brooks is known as one of the most exhilarating live performers of the past 50 years. He plays to more fans in arenas than some sports teams. But the country star who has friends in “low places” is also a stalwart on the silver and small screens.

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Indeed, Brooks is a musical icon and one who impresses in movies. Here below, we wanted to dive into three films that feature the country sensation. Yes, these are three movies every Garth Brooks fan should see.

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1. The Road I’m On (2019)

This two-part documentary showcases the life story of one of the best-selling solo artists of all time. From playing clubs at a young age to growing in popularity thanks to a few signature songs, this doc highlights the steps Brooks took along the way to follow his dream of becoming a country music performer. From his salad days in Oklahoma to rising up in Nashville to breaking records as a touring artist, this is the blueprint he created to creating fame and fortune. Check out the trailer here below.

2. It All Begins with a Song (2018)

For as important as musicians and performers are, this 2018 movie highlights perhaps the most important element of a song: the writer. Go behind the scenes into the world of Nashville songwriters, those who pen the lyrics and melodies for so many of the world’s most beloved tunes. This documentary features big name artists, from Luke Bryan to Kacey Musgraves to, of course, Garth Brooks. Check out the trailer here below.

3. Behind the Life of Chris Gaines (1999)

In 1999, VH1 released the behind the scenes made-for-television movie, Behind the Life of Chris Gaines. That same year, Brooks released the album, Garth Brooks in…the Life of Chris Gaines, which was a record meat to pique the interest of fans ahead of a movie, Lamb, about his alter-ego, Chris Gaines. But Lamb was never released as the alter-ego character never took off in the minds of fans and instead confounded most. Though audiences can now check out the VH1 movie in full here below.

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