4 More of The Weirdest Songs by Famous Rock Bands

We’ve covered a few odd little gems from famous rock stars before, but there are simply too many out there to ignore. Many rock outfits have delivered semi-normal works that turned into huge hits, and some of their more bizarre releases deserve some attention. Let’s take a look at four more of the weirdest songs by famous rock bands!

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This song (and its album) marked the reunion of the OG Blink-182 lineup of the early 2010s. “Fighting The Gravity” was allegedly written when Mark Hoppus accidentally drank from a water bottle spiked with acid. And you can definitely tell by the unique structure, bizarre imagery, and overall instrumentation.

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2. “Love Song” by Alice In Chains

Grunge icons Alice In Chains released “Love Song” on their Sap EP in 1992. It’s the result of the band members switching instruments around. At times, it’s hard to tell who is playing what. It’s a fascinating song where at times you can hear the right instrument matched to its player, and at other times hear the amateur nature of the player working with an instrument they are not accustomed to.

3. “Like Spinning Plates” by Radiohead

Alt-rock band Radiohead are no strangers to bizarre music. And they’re very good at it. But one particular song from Amnesiac comes to mind as one of the weirdest songs by famous rock bands of all time. “Like Spinning Plates” is a highly experimental track complete with synths, glitchy effects, and other interesting elements. The foundation of the song is complete and normal, but Thom Torke decided to play “I Will” backward to create an eerie and unusual new track.

4. “Mother” by The Police

This song from Synchronicity feels like a fever dream. Or rather, the soundtrack you’d listen to during a fever dream. The song follows the abusive relationship member Andy Summers suffered through with his mother. It’s one of those tracks that come from confronting one’s childhood trauma that works quite well, even if it is surreal.

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