4 Songs for People Who Say They Don’t Like Kacey Musgraves

Country star Kacey Musgraves is very easy to love. She’s dished out hit after hit in the last decade, from “Merry Go ‘Round” to “Follow Your Arrow” to “I Remember Everything” with Zach Bryan. However, listeners who have only heard her biggest hits may not really vibe with them. If that sounds like you, there are actually a ton of great tracks by Musgraves that you might just love. Let’s look at four songs for people who don’t really like Kacey Musgraves!

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1. “Rainbow”

“Rainbow” is considered by many Kacey Musgraves fans to be her best song ever. It didn’t chart super high, but it did make it to no. 98 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in 2019. It’s a real tear-jerker ballad about learning to love yourself and see positivity despite everything against you. It’s one of Musgraves’ most inspirational tracks and one that might just lift your spirits when you need it.

2. “Biscuits”

Delightful lyrics, a killer banjo track, and an addictive chorus. That’s all you really need to make a killer country-pop track. It was the lead single from Pageant Material and did pretty well chart-wise. However, the 2015 track is often forgotten in favor of Musgraves’ newer material. It was one of the best country songs on the radio the year it was released and has since become a fan favorite, though it doesn’t quite qualify as a deep cut.

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3. “Back On The Map”

Same Trailer Different Park had a lot of underrated songs, but “Back On The Map” is at the very top. It’s one of Musgraves’ softer tunes that shows off why she’s become such an icon. The girl can sing, to say the least.

4. “This Town”

Another great song from Pageant Material, “This Town” is similar to the track “Blowin’ Smoke” but doesn’t get quite enough love. The intro is pretty hilarious, and anyone who has lived in a wild small town will vibe with the lyrics.

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