4 Underrated Rock Musicians Who Only Released One Album

Talented musicians come and go, but their music has been made immortal through vinyl, CD, and the good ol’ internet. And some underrated rock musicians only had the chance to make a single album. Whether you’re a fan of underrated rock music or underground, bizarre works that are misunderstood, you might find interest in these four musicians who only released one album. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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1. Thunderclap Newman

Andy “Thunderclap” Newman was only one member of Thunderclap Newman, but he gets a spot on this list for being the namesake and the reason behind the band’s inception. The band was also composed of John “Speedy” Keen and Jimmy McCullough, who would later go on to join Wings. Thunderclap Newman released Hollywood Dream in 1970, and the track “Something In The Air” became a cult classic hit and a shoe-in protest song. The Who’s Pete Townshend even produced and played bass on the album. Unfortunately, the outfit struggled on stage and broke up just a few months after their only album was released.

2. Skip Spence

Alexander “Skip” Spence was a singer/songwriter and founder of the band Moby Grape. In 1969, he released his only solo album, Oar. Despite the fact that the album did very poorly when it was first released, it went on to be a cult classic among fans of psychedelic rock. Unfortunately, Spence struggled to maintain his career amidst mental illness and substance addiction and passed away in 1999.

3. Dennis Wilson

This Beach Boys member is often known as the band’s most charismatic member. He died far too young at 39, and left us with only one solo album, the 1977 record Pacific Ocean Blue. It’s a haunting piece of work that showed how talented Wilson was at songwriting, despite the naysaying of his bandmates in The Beach Boys. Though, it is worth noting that his unfinished album with Caribou was posthumously released in 2017.

4. Jeff Buckley

When we talk about underrated rock musicians with only one album in their discography, we have to mention Jeff Buckley. Whether or not he is truly underrated is up for debate; though not nearly as many people know who he is as there should be. Grace from 1994 was a masterpiece. His cover of “Hallelujah” is legendary, though the whole album is essential listening. 

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