4th Place | “Tomorrow’s Yesterday”

4th Place
“Tomorrow’s Yesterday”
David Cooper
Conway, South Carolina

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I was go’n through my closet
Throw’n some old clothes in the trash
Cleaning out an ole shirt pocket
I came across a photograph
Color Kodak of my dad
Remember the day it was made
Some words were scribbled on the back
Words I can still hear daddy say


Yesterday’s gone
Tomorrow’s out of sight
All we have is today
Make sure you live it right
Don’t waste a single minute
Cause that’s how life slips away
Soon yesterday’s tomorrow
Will be tomorrow’s yesterday

Took that picture of my dad
We were in the field bailing hay
Can’t tell by the photograph
But it was hot that July day
We worked from morning until dark
Could’ve wrung the sweat from my shirt
As we hauled the hay to the barn
Dad sang this ditty while we worked


Stopped by to see my dad today
Spent some time with him alone
Sat on a bench beside his grave
Played my guitar and sang this song

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