5 Shania Twain Deep Cuts That You Should Be Listening To

Shania Twain stole our hearts with era-defining hits like “Man! I Feel Like a Woman,” “You’re Still the One” and “Love Gets Me Every Time.” She has found runaway success as a country singer and international fame as a pop artist. It seems whatever she does, we all get on board.

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While the singer recently gave fans a look into her life’s story with a new Netflix documentary, we over here at American Songwriter wanted to look back at her discography for ourselves. Though Twain has no shortage of record-shattering hits, let’s look at just a few of the tracks that didn’t soar up the charts – though are just as deserving of a spot on your playlist.

1. “There Goes the Neighborhood” (From Shania Twain)

Twain reflects on divorce and the loss of love in “There Goes the Neighborhood.” The couple down the block is splitting up I hear / and they’re the third ones on our street this year, she sings.

This deep cut is taken from her debut album, which featured mostly songs taken from other writers, with this track being originally recorded by Joe Diffie. Despite not penning the track, Twain injects her own soaring vocals and emotionality into the song as if she did.

2. “Raining on Our Love” (From The Woman in Me)

The Woman in Me featured an unprecedented eight singles pushed out to radio, which left very few surprises left on the album by the time it came out.

Though one hidden gem that did fly under the radar is the acoustic ballad “Raining on Our Love.” The simple production allowed Twain to add some lyrical heft to the track along with some traditional lap steel which gave listeners a final look at Twain in her sole country era.

3. “Leaving is the Only Way Out” (from The Woman in Me)

Another subdued moment on The Woman in Me is “Leaving is the Only Way Out.” This heavy-on-the-piano track is a welcomed chill pill on the hit heavy album.

She pays homage to the likes of Patsy Cline with a bit of warping steel guitar and a classic country melody. Twain’s moving vocals tug a little extra at the heartstrings on this track.

4. “Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl” (From Now)

Twain herself said she wished “Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl” got a little more love – and we agree.

She compared the slow-burning track to a Taylor Swift song from her sophomore record, “Forever & Always.” “There’s a song off the Now album called ‘Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl,'” she told Apple Music Hits. “I just enjoy listening to that song as a listener, a music listener. It’s very easygoing. It reminds me a little bit of the song ‘Forever and For Always.'” 

5. “Whatever You Do! Don’t!” (From Come on Over)

If there’s one thing Twain does better than anyone else it’s wry, chiding humor. In “Whatever You Do! Don’t!” she adorably lays the blame for her infatuation with a new lover on him.

If you stand too close to me, I might melt down from the heat, she sings before admitting I’m such a sucker for your eyes. The tension between the two of them is heavy, with a bouyant melody and rocky guitar line making the whole thing a little lighter.

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