6-Year-Old Kid Goes Viral on Social Media for Song Production on his Laptop

Remember when you were six years old?

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When I was about that age, I really loved cartoons. Ninja Turtles, to be exact. Probably the Smurfs. I didn’t even know to consider what I wanted to “be” when I got older. What I wanted to do beyond getting lunch, running around outside, and jumping into a pile of freshly raked leaves.

Well, this kid puts me to shame. Not only is he ambitious, he’s talented. He knows his way around song production and sound effects. He’s confident at singing. He makes music, for goodness sake.

And now he can add going viral on social media to his resume, which is likely longer than most adults.

That’s right, as you can see in the video below, this young kid is a music producer. Likely a genius. Likely someone we will be hearing more from soon and for perhaps even decades to come. Maybe he’s the next Mark Ronson, Dr. Dre. Maybe he’s just having fun at recess?

Either way, he’s now an internet star, garnering millions and millions of views. He probably says things like, “I’ve been making music all my life,” which is amazing because he’s six.

Watch him move between playing keys, singing, adding effects, making programmed trumpets sound “human” and more. What a talented young guy.

He’ll probably get a record deal from this viral video, there are probably artists reaching out to him right now. While we don’t know much about him, yet, he’s likely going to produce the next Taylor Swift or Usher hit single. And if he doesn’t now, he will in two or three years.

As Twitter user @rileyyanned wrote on the social media platform, “ok but who is recreating beats like this kid. he said ‘THATS how we get the Kaytranada sound'”

Riley also shared the youngster’s website, saying, “everyone follow him on tiktok & support him immediately !!” which you can do below.

Photo via Twitter

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