67-Year-Old Music Fan Falls While Crowd Surfing, Meets Brandon Flowers

A 67-year-old fan of the rock band the Killers was just having a nice afternoon crowd surfing at a concert—you know, as one does—when he was dropped by the crowd and may have been injured.

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But the old fella got right back up and ended up meeting one of his musical heroes.

During the Killers’ recent show in Manchester on Saturday (June 11), the older concertgoer, who we later learned was named Billy, was crowd surfing when fans let go of him, dropping Billy to the ground.

But the Killers’ frontman paused the show to check on Billy, asking, “Who drops a guy? Who dropped him? Is he OK? His head’s bleeding a bit, let’s take care of him.”

Cameras at the show cut to Billy to make sure he was okay. See below for fan-shot footage of the event.

Flowers actually came down off the stage to meet Billy and talk to the elderly fan. Then Flowers got back onto the mic and joked, “I said, ‘Billy, what are you doing?’ And you know what he said? He said: ‘I’m enjoying meself.”

All’s well that ends well and now the 67-year-old Billy has a great story (and 15 minutes of fame) to talk about.

Concertgoer Lawrie Bacon captured the events and shared them on Twitter, writing on the social media platform after the fact, “Billy the crowd surfer at The Killers tonight in Manchester”

Twitter user Diane Noakes also caught the moment, writing on the social media platform, “Billy don’t be a hero! Billy stole the show from @thekillers tonight. Crowd surfing at the front of the crowd. They dropped him. @BFlowers24 stopped the show to get him rescued and some first aid. Billy is 67 years young. Living his best life! #Billy#Killers#Blossoms

And an Instagram account dedicated to Flowers also shared the news, writing, “67-year-old Billy went crowd surfing and got dropped by someone in the crowd. “I was enjoying meself, ” he said 😭.”

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