A Q&A With the Make It Count Contest Promotion Song Runner-Up Roger Weeks

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“North Dakota” 
By Roger Weeks
Interview by American Songwriter

Roger Weeks, is the American Songwriter Make It Count Contest Promotion Song Runner-Up for his song “North Dakota.” American Songwriter caught up with Roger to get the story behind his incredible song. 


How long have you been songwriting? 

Ever since I could read and write I’ve been songwriting! I remember I’d write songs about doing my chores as a kid and I took piano lessons from preschool through high school. Writing is how I express myself and process life. I’ve always naturally gravitated towards it. 

I started taking writing seriously in college after I heard Neilson Hubbard’s (Matthew Perryman Jones, Strays Don’t Sleep, Garrison Star) song “For Blue Skies” on One Tree Hill. I sent Neilson a cold email, and luckily he loved my stuff and invited me to Nashville. His response changed it all for me– I suddenly went from the middle of nowhere New Hampshire to Nashville and I saw that folks really can make a living making music. 

Why did you enter American Songwriter’s Song Contest? 

At the end of the day my goal is to be an established American Songwriter. When I was a little kid, I remembered seeing folks featured in American Songwriter and I always dreamt that maybe one day that could be me. Even to be answering this question is making me teary eyed! 

What was the inspiration behind your song, “North Dakota”?

“North Dakota” is about how I found love in being alone. It’s about how on the other side of letting go of a toxic love I thought I couldn’t live without, I finally found hope and the life of my dreams. North Dakota is a song I wrote when I realized that after years of searching for love in someone else, the key to my happiness was to love myself.

Are there any songwriters, artists, or events that have especially inspired you lately? 

I’m always inspired by the friends I’ve made here in LA. My friend Rose Betts is a folk pop artist whose storytelling is unmatched– you have to check out her song “Irish Eyes.”

I recently wrote with Zach Palmer at the 100 Percenter’s Pride camp and I’m obsessed with the haunting world he’s building around his music.

I’ve recently been getting into Justin Vernon’s side project Gayngs, Zach Bryan, slimdan, hemlocke springs, and for some reason I can’t stop listening to Metamorphosis by Hillary Duff. 

I’m all about manifesting and speaking things into the universe so I’m going to just add that it’s my dream to open for Noah Kahan.

Are you planning on releasing any new music anytime soon?

Yes! I’m releasing a song on October 19th called “best time of the year.” This song started as a letter to my best friend from home, Maggie, and then turned into a letter to all my loved ones back in New Hampshire. It’s about how even though I’ve found myself in Los Angeles, I’ll always be home for the holidays. No matter what happens or where I go, my heart will always be in New Hampshire.

Next year I’ll be releasing my debut album and I couldn’t be more excited (and a little nervous) for you to hear it. It’s about growing up, grieving, moving out, falling in love, and overcoming the hard stuff (even when it feels impossible). 


You can pre-save roger’s upcoming single “best time of the year” here.

Get to know roger here.

Listen to “North Dakota” below:

(Photo by Lauren Nieves Photography, Courtesy Roger Weeks)

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