Abi Carter Lights Up the ‘American Idol’ Stage With Little Mermaid’s “Part of Your World”

Hardcore Disney fan Abi Carter kicks off American Idol Disney Night with the famous “Part of Your World”  from The Little Mermaid. 

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Featuring some original art, Carter took to the stage with a sequin dress. As she started singing, she jokingly removed a piece of confetti out of her mouth without skipping a beat. 

Following the performance, the American Idol judges were all smiling ear-to-ear. Skipping a bit of a beat, Luke Bryan stumbled as he tried to start his critique. “The magic took you, didn’t it?” fellow judge Katy Perry asked. 

“Right,” Bryan answered. “I was caught up in the Disney magic.” 

Bryan then shared his thoughts about the performance. “Way to embody that character. I mean, that song is a character and it really put me in the moment. It was a beautiful image and you can tell you really grown up singing that song. It was one of your best performances I’ve seen. Great job.” 

Lionel Richie further pointed out that there’s not one song that Abi Carter cannot sing. “You just bring the house,” he said. “I love the way you took us all the way up and then took us to a whisper. That just shows you your range of excellence. It was fantastic.” 

Katy Perry also went on to add, “You really embodied that song, Abi. And when you sang ‘Burned’ and gave us that note, it was amazing. When you gave us the falsetto, it was amazing. It’s incredible to watch you grow. It’s  like a dream is a wish your heart makes.” 

Fans also praised Abi Carter on social media. One fan wrote she started the show off great, and had some advice for her. “However, nothing bothers me more than when a contestant is given criticism to move around and they stand stationary.” 

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