AC/DC Sells Staggering Amount of Tickets in One Day for Upcoming European Tour

Formed in 1973, the iconic AC/DC appeared to helm the new wave of British heavy metal bands with talents like Brian Johnson on vocals and Angus Young on guitar. Throughout their time on the stage, the band released a total of 17 studio albums, with their last Power Up hitting shelves back in 2020. But while four years passed since their last album, the band has no desire to slow down as they announced their Power Up tour. Excited about hitting the road again, it appears that AC/DC aren’t the only ones excited after fans rushed to get tickets. 

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Discussing the upcoming tour with AC/DC, Chris Dalston, who is a co-head of international touring at CAA, told Pollstar about how the band anxiously waited for tickets to go on sale. “We believed it was going to be one of the biggest tours ever, but you just never know until you put tickets on sale. It’s like Christmas the night before we went on sale. You can’t sleep, you’re nervous.”

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While nervous, Dalston soon found the band selling out numerous shows and selling over 1.5 million tickets. And all that happened in a single day. “They sold 1.5 million tickets in one day. … It’s staggering and it gives you great faith because they’re very particular in how they conduct their business. They don’t do VIP. They don’t do dynamic ticket pricing.” He added, “They never want to hear fans complaining about ticket prices being too high.”

Chris Dalston Shares Concerns Surrounding AC/DC Tour

With AC/DC continuing to prove their dominance, Dalston turned his attention to the actual tour, which kicks off in Germany in May. He said, “As agents, we have to think about a lot of things that we didn’t have to think about many years ago, like the weather. One of the reasons the tour starts in Germany was because we had to find somewhere to rehearse for a week. And then it goes immediately into Italy and Spain because we believed if it gets to July and August, it’s going to be way too hot and very dangerous for the fans and the band to be outside.” 

Besides making it comfortable and affordable for both the fans and AC/DC. Dalston also worried about Johnson. “We have to be very careful of Brian’s [Johnson] voice that we don’t push it, that he feels comfortable in the schedule.” While hectic to say the least, AC/DC returns to the stage this May.

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