5 Albums You Didn’t Know Were Produced by Dan Auerbach

It’s been 22 years since Dan Auerbach and childhood friend Patrick Carney officially formed The Black Keys, helping to usher in a new era of grungy garage rock. Over those two decades, they evolved from a burgeoning independent act out of Ohio to one of modern rock music’s biggest acts.

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Their shared success also opened new doors for Carney and Auerbach, allowing them to expand upon their extensive lists of accomplishments. The massive commercial appeal of their 2011 record El Camino and follow-up Turn Blue led them to step away from the chaos of release cycles, leading Auerbach to relocate to Nashville and launch his own label and studio, Easy Eye Sound.

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In the years since, Auerbach has welcomed a plethora of artists from across genres to his studio space, where he has helped shape some of the last decade’s best releases. Take a look at five albums produced by Auerbach that deserve a listen.

1. Tell Me I’m Pretty, Cage the Elephant

Rock outfit Cage the Elephant recruited Auerbach for their fourth record, Tell Me I’m Pretty, which dropped in 2015. The project spawned the band’s high-energy No. 1 hit “Mess Around” and earned the coveted title of Best Rock Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

2. Pushin’ Against a Stone, Valerie June

Co-produced by Auerbach and Kevin Augunas, Pushin’ Against a Stone allows Valerie June‘s enchanting and incomparable vocal stylings to take center stage. Her celebrated fourth studio album earned the Tennessee singer/songwriter her first commercial success, climbing to No. 8 on Billboard‘s Top Rock Albums chart following its release in 2013.

3. Alone, The Pretenders

This 2016 release from influential rock band The Pretenders only features original member Chrissie Hynde, joined by a selection of session players. The fittingly titled Alone, recorded at Auerbach’s Nashville studio, is an energizing spotlight on Hynde’s talents as one of rock and roll’s most prominent frontwomen.

4. All or Nothin’, Nikki Lane

Auerbach helped cultivate the gritty, alt-country sound of Nikki Lane‘s breakout 2014 record All or Nothin’. Outside his production work, the multi-talented rocker co-penned five of the album’s tracks and joined the burgeoning singer/songwriter for their lonesome duet “Love’s on Fire.”

5. Locked Down, Dr. John

This 2012 collaboration would become one of the final full-length releases from innovative New Orleans native Dr. John. With Locked Down, Auerbach adds polish to the 72-year-old’s psychedelic-tinged mix of blues, rock, and gospel that radiates a distinctly Southern flair.

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