6 Best Digital Pianos for Beginners of 2024

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Taking up piano is super exciting. Piano talent definitely gives you bragging rights, considering hand coordination is not the easiest to master! Don't let that discourage you, though. Once you have your first digital piano and solid exercises and lessons, you'll be on the path to success.

We rounded up 6 of the best digital pianos for beginners that will help you develop your skills. These pianos come from our favorite brands for all levels, including Roland and Alesis. Roland is a tried and true brand (it can be a bit pricey), and Alesis makes super affordable instruments for all ages.

We even threw in a great compact option for kiddos who are interested in playing! So, see which piano is great for you or the entire family.

Quick Summary of the Best Digital Pianos

  1. Alesis Recital - 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard (Best Budget Digital Piano)
  2. Alesis Virtue - 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano Set (Best Budget Digital Piano Set)
  3. Roland GO:PIANO 61-key Portable Piano (Best Beginner Digital Piano for Everyone)
  4. Roland FP-30X Digital Piano with Speakers - Black (A Quality Beginner & Intermediate Piano)
  5. UMOMO U-710 Digital Piano with Duet Bench, 88 Key Electric Piano for Beginner (A Stylish Piano for Home)
  6. Pyle Digital Piano Kids Keyboard (Best Budget Piano for Kids)

Best Digital Pianos for Beginners

1. Best Budget Digital Piano – Alesis Recital - 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard


  • Key #: 88
  • Key Type: Semi-Weighted Keys
  • Built-in Metronome: Yes

This digital piano from Alesis is an awesome pick for under $200. The digital piano has a built-in metronome for mastering rhythm and accuracy and keys that can be adjusted to your playing style.

You can experiment with acoustic piano, electric piano, organ, synth, and bass. The best part is that 60 free virtual lessons are included. Consistent in-person piano lessons can be tricky due to scheduling and pricing, so having 60 free lessons is a great feature!

Use the headphone output for silent practice, or feel free to connect to the RCA outputs for speakers/amps. Users enjoy the sound quality when they play loud, and you will too!

You're also going to like having all 88 keys for the classic piano feel. If you want to explore more 88 key options, check out our full guide on the best 88 key keyboards.

2. Best Budget Digital Piano Set – Alesis Virtue - 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano Set


  • Key #: 88
  • Key Type: Not Weighted, Full-Size Velocity-Sensitive Keys
  • Built-in Metronome: Yes

If you're looking for a bundle at an affordable price, consider this set from Alesis. It comes with an easy-to-assemble wooden stand and an adjustable bench.

It's a great affordable set packed with features such as record mode, a metronome, and a backlit LCD screen for showing chord names and notation. There are also 160 built-in accompaniment styles and 8- demo songs for practice.

Use the USB/MIDI output to connect to your computer and take advantage of the 2 months of unlimited live classes from TakeLessons. They are absolutely free!

You're going to love how easy it is to set up, along with the realistic acoustic piano sound.

3. Best Beginner Digital Piano for Everyone – Roland GO:PIANO 61-key Portable Piano


  • Key #: 61
  • Key Type: Full-Size - Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Built-in Metronome: Yes

There are many digital pianos out there, but not many can compare to Roland. Other digital pianos may get a bad rap for not being accurate and having a realistic sound, not Roland. Roland is top-tier, and the further you get on your musical journey, the more grateful you'll be that you went with Roland.

A few features are the superior sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in recorder, and it being battery-powered, which is great for music on the go.

This entry-level digital piano is likely something that would be recommended by professional pianists as one of the best digital pianos.

4. A Quality Beginner & Intermediate Digital Piano – Roland FP-30X Digital Piano with Speakers - Black


  • Key #: 88
  • Key Type: PHA-4, Weighted, Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Built-in Metronome: Yes

Roland's FP-30X is a great digital piano for newbies and intermediate players. The weighted progressive hammer action keys feel realistic, and the speaker system is great for playing for others in small rooms and venues.

Features you'll enjoy are the MIDI/USB port and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming to and from your mobile device and with your DAW.

There are 12 piano tones and lots of instrument sounds, including a metronome and recording function to play back your performance.

It's an investment for sure, but customers who've had their eye on this digital piano for a while love it, and so will you! It's a very good digital piano.

5. A Stylish Digital Piano for Home – UMOMO U-710 Digital Piano with Duet Bench, 88 Key Electric Piano for Beginner


  • Key #: 88
  • Key Type: Semi-Weighted
  • Built-in Metronome: Yes

If you want a digital piano for your home, consider this beauty. It'll be a great option to keep in your music room or living room. This piano comes with a stand and storage bench for your convenience (you can store sheet music on the bench!).

This digital piano features all 3 pedals, has an LCD screen, 80 demo songs, 480 tones, and much more. Connect your digital piano to your computer or mobile device to access your favorite apps and DAW.

Overall, this set is attractive for its price and easy assembly. The size is pretty average, and its not overly large like a grand piano. It'll be a piano the entire family can enjoy in the living room.

6. Best Budget Piano for Kids – Pyle Digital Piano Kids Keyboard


  • Key #: 61
  • Key Type: n/a
  • Built-in Metronome: No

We had to include a budget option for the kiddos. If your little one has an interest in playing, they'll love this lightweight piano. It weighs under 4 pounds and has 61 keys.

It's definitely not a "toy" as in one of those Fisher Price-type pianos for toddlers. Even you'll be shocked by the quality of this piano! It has preset sounds, tones, and rhythm styles with an integrated button drum pad so you can add a drumming effect to your playing.

There's a playback mode to listen to yourself play songs, and it also comes with a wired mic! Too cool, the entire family will love it. It's rechargeable, so be sure to keep it charged for everyone.

Best Digital Piano for Beginners Buyer's Guide

Most beginners usually go for a budget or a mid-range model but once you pass the beginner stage, we encourage you to move on to one of the digital pianos under $1000 we reviewed.

Shopping for your first digital piano is pretty simple if you consider the following about keys: number, touch sensitivity, and weighted keys. You'll also want to make sure you have features like a built-in metronome.

A metronome is a must for many beginner musicians, as it'll help you stay on beat and develop rhythm and accuracy. Learning a song is one thing, but playing it back and sounding off can be humbling! However, some have a natural talent for rhythm and may not like a metronome.

Number of Keys

Most digital pianos have 88 keys, but you may find a piano with fewer keys (61 or so). Many beginners like fewer keys and progress to 88, but it's also beneficial to have the full "acoustic-like" experience and begin with 88 keys.

Touch Sensitivity

Touch sensitivity is all about pressure. When you press the keys hard, they sound loud. When you're gentle, the sound is softer. You can adjust sensitivity on many digital models.

Weighted Keys

Weighted keys simulate the weight and resistance of acoustic pianos for a realistic playing experience. Weighted keys are great, so when it's time to play on an acoustic, it feels good and natural.


Features to look out for are recording capabilities (always good to playback your performances), built-in metronomes, and kits. Having the opportunity to perfect your time and play with fun sounds and even effects is great for exploring playing styles and advancing into the work. Once you become proficient, you can start considering a state-of-the-art digital piano to help you advance faster as they have even more built-in features.

Lastly, the chance to be powered by batteries and an adapter are nice. This way, you can charge it at home and also play on the go with batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Digital piano versus keyboard: What’s the difference?

Digital pianos are made to replication the feel and sound of an acoustic piano on a budget. Keyboards don't exactly feel or even have to sound like a piano -- they have a lot of features that make them unique.

Can I use headphones with a digital piano?

Yes! If your piano has a headphone jack, plug it in for silent, private practice. This is great if you have housemates or simply like privacy when you play piano.

Do I need additional accessories?

Unless it's a set, it won't come with your own stand and bench. You can find some at retailers that sell digital pianos, including Amazon. Another accessory to consider is a sustain pedal for a rich sound.


Choosing your first digital piano for beginners is important. You want your digital piano to prepare you to play on an acoustic grand piano one day.

If you are looking for an 81-key piano for teens or adults, we think you'll be happy with the Roland FP-30X Digital Piano with Speakers - Black. Bluetooth and MIDI connectivity make it a fantastic digital piano for producing music and playing covers.

If you're interested in spending less on a digital piano and want a full set, consider the Alesis Virtue - 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano Set, the price is very affordable. The entire family will enjoy playing it!

If you just want a budget digital piano to get you through your first year or so of playing, you ought to consider the Alesis Recital - 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard. It's under $220 and makes for a great beginner piano with all the included features and free lessons.

Affordable elegance at your fingertips! Discover the best digital pianos under $500 and add musical charm to your space without overspending.

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