10 Best Online Piano Lessons of 2024

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Are you looking for the best way to learn how to play the piano online? Online piano lessons can be great for working at your own pace, learning on the go, and picking up helpful tips for cheap. In this article, we're going over the best online piano courses of 2024, highlighting the best features they offer.

We also threw in a buyer's guide at the end so you have all the information you need to pick the right lesson plan for yourself. Our #1 pick for the best overall piano lessons online is Flowkey due to its adaptive listening, loop function, and slow-motion mode for beginner lessons.

Keep reading to see if Flowkey is the best piano lesson you can find online for your personal preferences or if we've included another entry on our list that suits your learning journey better.

Quick Summary of the Best Online Piano Lessons

  1. Flowkey (Best Overall Online Piano Lessons)
  2. Pianote (Best Online Piano Lessons with Guided Workouts)
  3. Pianoforall (Best Online Piano Lessons with eBooks)
  4. Playground Sessions (Best Online Piano Lessons with World-Class Teachers)
  5. Skoove (Best Online Piano Lessons with Real-Time Feedback)
  6. MasterClass (Best Online Piano Lessons for Music Theory)
  7. Hoffman Academy (Best Online Piano Lessons for Kids)
  8. Artist Works (Best Beginner Online Piano Lessons)
  9. Jazzedge Academy (Best Online Piano Lessons with 1,000+ Video Lessons)
  10. Yousician (Best Online Piano Lessons for Learning at Your Own Pace)

Best Online Piano Lessons

1. Best Overall Online Piano Lessons – Flowkey



  • Pricing Plans: Free Version with 8 Songs, $19.99 a month, $83.94 for 6 months, and $119.88 for 12 months.
  • Highlights: Practice each hand individually, thousands of songs to choose from, video and sheet music that you can follow, numerous expert-level teachers.

Flowkey comes in as the #1 overall online piano lesson program due to a myriad of reasons. It's relatively affordable compared to other programs, comes with multiple subscription tiers to best fit your budget, and offers a wide range of features that can benefit new players and experts alike.

We love that Flowkey offers thousands of songs for their users to choose from. Songs include John Lennon's "Imagine", "Moonlight Sonata" by Ludwig van Beethoven, and even "Happy Birthday to You" by Mildred J. Hill and Patty Smith Hill, amongst other popular hits.

Flowkey offers step-by-step instructional videos so that you can follow at your pace. The step-by-step structure is also a very efficient way of learning the piano, as you can take your time and master each step before moving on to the next. If you want to play piano, patience is key.

If you're looking for the best overall piano lessons you can find online, you won't find many better than Flowkey. It offers a litany of features sure to make anyone who wants to play piano through video lessons interested. Check out Flowkey today and master an online piano course in no time.

2. Best Online Piano Lessons with Guided Workouts – Pianote



  • Pricing Plans: $30 a month for the monthly plan, $20 a month for the yearly plan. They offer a 20% discount on either plan if you don't want to include songs with your membership.
  • Highlights: 10-level curriculum, practical assignments, guided workouts, personalized support

Pianote is another incredibly thorough online piano course that seeks to help you learn at your speed, choosing when to move on from guided workouts when you're ready. Playing piano isn't easy, and Pianote wants to make sure that you know how to play correctly.

Traditional piano lessons may cost upwards of $160 a month and force you to meet in person. Both of Pianote's membership plans are well beneath this, at $20 a month for a yearly subscription and $30 for the monthly version, saving you hundreds of dollars a year through video lessons.

We're big fans of Pianote's guided lessons. The site will show you how to read sheet music with a teacher on screen, giving you the chance to learn from an expert in the comfort of your own home. It doesn't matter if you're an expert or a complete beginner, Pianote has something for everyone.

If you're interested in learning piano online and want to take courses with some guardrails to help you stay true to your path, we'd recommend Pianote. The piano courses are available for download as well, allowing you to take your interactive lessons with you wherever you want to learn.

3. Best Online Piano Lessons with eBooks – Pianoforall



  • Pricing Plans: Regular pricing is $79, currently on sale at $49 for lifetime access
  • Highlights: Offline access, learn at your own speed, free updates for life, 300 step-by-step lessons, dedicated email support

While other piano lesson plans may cost hundreds of dollars a year, Pianoforall offers their users an alternative. Instead of charging you every month, they will only charge you once, giving you access to their entire library of online lessons and eBooks from a single purchase.

This pricing structure is hugely beneficial to those of us who want to learn piano over a long period and don't want to feel the pressure of logging in every month to get our money's worth. With a one-time transaction, Pianoforall truly gives you the ability to learn when you want to.

Pianoforall is home to a wide array of genres, including classical music, ballads, pop, blues, and many more. One of our favorite features of Pianoforall is their library of eBooks, including literature on ear training, blues and rock n' roll music theory, and chord progression.

If you want to learn piano online over a long period and want a wide range of music genres to choose from, we'd recommend Pianoforall. In-person lessons with a private piano teacher may cost you a small fortune through your piano journey; Pianoforall costs just $49 once.

4. Best Online Piano Lessons with World-Class Teachers – Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions


  • Pricing Plans: Normally $24.99 monthly, on sale for $17.49. Normally $149.99 yearly, on sale for $109.99. Normally $349.99 for a lifetime membership, on sale for $249.99.
  • Highlights: Lifetime memberships, family plans, access to world-class teachers, iOS compatibility

One of the best parts of learning piano through private lessons is your ability to access world-class teachers. Playground Sessions combats this issue by bringing those same teachers to you, allowing you to get music lessons from some of the most accredited teachers in the industry.

One of Playground Sessions' most popular teachers is Mike Garson, famous for playing piano for none other than David Bowie. Garson has taught over 10,000 students in his career and played over 600 concerts with Bowie himself, giving him more than enough expertise to teach you a few songs.

Mike Garson isn't the only accomplished instructor on the site, as Playground Sessions also features great piano teachers David Sides, Phil Anderson, and Wi Chen, all known for their mastery of piano basics and numerous piano skills.

Playground Sessions is the best online piano course for anyone looking for traditional lessons from world-class teachers. Their pricing plans are affordable, and they even offer both lifetime and family plans; check out Playground Sessions if you want to play songs like never before.

5. Best Online Piano Lessons with Real-Time Feedback – Skoove

skoove piano lessons


  • Pricing Plans: Free trial with 3 piano lessons, $29.99 for one month, $19.99 for three months, and $12.49 for 12 months (all billed monthly)
  • Highlights: Lessons are broken into digestible chunks, instant feedback, numerous video lessons, lessons on how to learn music theory

Feedback is massively important in any learning journey. Whether you're learning in person or through video tutorials, you'll want to know that what you're doing works. No other piano learning software tackles this problem like Skoove, where you can find instant feedback through sample lessons.

Online courses are not always interactive, forcing you to follow the lessons at their pace. Skoove offers adaptive listening, hearing your own melodies while you play them, and offering you advice and feedback on how to improve. Everyone in the piano world should be looking for this feature.

Skoove also offers a host of other features sure to attract experts and beginners to their site, including chart-topping pop music, classical music from Beethoven and Mozart, and thorough lessons on the best techniques in piano playing. No matter your learning style, Skoove has you covered.

At $29.99 for their monthly plan, Skoove has an affordable pricing schedule for anyone looking to practice regularly. More online piano lessons should look at Skoove's instant feedback feature as an industry standard, giving everyone the ability to learn how to play popular songs quickly.

6. Best Online Piano Lessons for Music Theory – MasterClass



  • Pricing Plans: $10 a month for individuals, $15 a month for duos, and $20 a month for families
  • Highlights: Learn from a legend in Herbie Hancock, structured lesson plan, over 4+ hours of videos, ability to learn music theory

MasterClass is known for offering some of the most in-depth lessons online. They cover every topic you can think of, from learning how to play basketball with Steph Curry to critical leadership training with Jocko Willink. Their piano lessons, taught by legend Herbie Hancock, are second to none in music theory.

Herbie Hancock first rose to fame with the Miles Davis Quintet in the '60s before releasing his own body of work, the critically acclaimed Head Hunters album, shortly thereafter. When we say Herbie Hancock is one of the greatest ever pianists, we mean it, as there aren't many more qualified teachers than him.

Not only will Hancock show you the ropes and teach you how to play your own music on your piano, he will teach you how to hear music differently. Where other sites will teach you how to play the piano, Hancock will teach you how to understand it and music as a whole.

These in-depth instructions from a bonafide living legend are second to none in the world of musical knowledge. If you're looking to not only play the piano but redefine your relationship with it, we want to point you in the direction of MasterClass and Herbie Hancock.

7. Best Online Piano Lessons for Kids – Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy


  • Pricing Plans: Free plan with 300+ video lessons, full access for $15 a month. Lifetime plans start at $795
  • Highlights: Games suitable for children, lesson materials designed by expert teachers, sheet music library of over 500+ titles

Learning how to play the piano isn't an easy endeavor, and Hoffman Academy understands that some of us might need a different approach to learning than others. They've dedicated themselves to being the perfect destination for children who want to play piano online, offering a bevy of ways to learn.

Hoffman Academy offers online games to incentivize kids to keep learning. They also have a huge library of over 500+ titles to choose from, giving you the ability to learn the genres you like. Guided practice is another great feature the Academy offers, where you can learn different playing chords at your own speed.

Joseph Hoffman, owner and founder of Hoffman Academy, wanted to create his own method for teaching people how to play the piano. His philosophy is that anyone, regardless of age, should be able to learn how to play their favorite instrument and enjoy the process as they progress.

Hoffman Academy includes some of the most popular songs around, including hits from Beethoven, songs from the movie "The Greatest Showman", and even fan-favorite Phil Collins. If you want to enjoy playing songs while you learn classical piano, we'd recommend checking out Hoffman Academy.

8. Best Beginner Online Piano Lessons – Artist Works

Artist Works


  • Pricing Plans: $35 a month with video exchange learning, $29 a month without. $279 for a 12-month plan
  • Highlights: Video exchange learning, music theory workshop, unlimited access to lessons, 100+ piano lessons to access

Artist Works is another site known for teaching piano to players of all skill levels. We chose their beginner course for this article as it's a great place to start for anyone who wants to learn piano. Artist Works offers a great feature through their video exchange learning, allowing you to send videos of yourself playing to a professional piano teacher.

The video exchange program might be one of the best ways to get personalized feedback on your piano playing and quickly improve your piano skills. A teacher will review your playing and give you near-immediate feedback on what's working, what isn't, and what should be changed.

This is great for beginners who may not yet have a strong foothold in their playing. It also makes for a great way to get rid of bad habits before they arise, as a good teacher can guide you in the right direction in terms of form and the way you rest your hands on the piano.

If you're new to free online piano lessons and want to spend a little money getting better, we'd suggest looking over Artist Works' beginner piano playing lessons. They come at an affordable price and offer enough features to turn any beginner into an expert with just a little bit of dedication.

9. Best Online Piano Lessons with 1,000+ Video Lessons – Jazzedge Academy

Jazzedge Academy


  • Pricing Plans: Pay-as-you-go option starting at $20, $39 per month, or $351 per year
  • Highlights: Pay-as-you-go option to purchase credits, 1,000+ lessons to choose from, multiple genres, live coaching sessions

Jazzedge Academy has been teaching piano for over 20 years and their experience shows. The site offers one of the biggest libraries we've seen, with over 1,000 video lessons to choose from across 20 genres of music, giving any player what they need to learn to play their best.

The site is one of the only online piano courses we've covered that offers a pay-as-you-go system, allowing you to pay for exactly what you'd like. If you don't want to subscribe to the entire plan, no problem! The pay-as-you-go feature can give you exactly what you're looking for and save you money at the same time.

The Jazzedge Academy focuses on technique and forms more than most others, giving you a strong backbone whenever you're playing. They also offer live coaching sessions so you can learn from a great teacher in real-time.

If you want access to one of the biggest lesson libraries in the world of piano playing, look no further than Jazzedge Academy. They offer some of the best ways to start playing right away, teaching you how to write music and master the upright piano like an expert.

10. Best Online Piano Lessons for Learning at Your Own Pace – Yousician



  • Pricing Plans: Premium account at $14.99 billed monthly or $7.49 billed yearly, Premium Plus account at $19.99 bill monthly or $11.66 bill yearly, Premium Plus Family Plan account at $29.99 bill monthly or $17.49 billed yearly
  • Highlights: Affordable price, interactive lessons, instant feedback, iOS support

Yousician is one of the most popular apps in piano learning and instrument learning in general. They also offer some of the lowest membership prices of any piano lessons on our list today, giving just about anyone a chance to learn how to play their favorite instrument.

We love that Yousician lets you learn on your own time. As the musical instrument digital interface is a piano app, you can take it with you and practice any time you have a couple of minutes. Turn your morning bus ride into a piano learning session with a few short clicks.

Yousician also offers over 1,000 lesson plans across a wide range of genres. They can even help you with sight reading and musical notation, further expanding your knowledge of the piano. If you want to try before you buy, you can sign up for their 7-day trial at no cost to you.

We picked Yousician for their great learn-at-your-own-speed philosophy, and they offer so much more. They're a great piano learning app for anyone who has a couple of extra minutes or wants to dedicate some of their day to learning how to play their favorite instrument with the ease of their mobile device.

Best Online Piano Lessons Buyer's Guide

When you're in the market looking for a great piano learning app or website, there are a couple of key features you need to keep in mind to get the most out of your purchase/subscription.

Make sure the online piano lessons you subscribe to have qualified instructors, thorough lesson plans, and plenty of resources.

Qualified Instructors

It doesn't matter what you're learning if you're not learning from a qualified instructor. When learning to play the piano, it's incredibly important to ensure your teacher knows what they're talking about. If they don't, you could be wasting your time and money, and develop bad habits all at once.

Take time to review who teaches the courses you're interested in. If you have an accredited teacher like Herbie Hancock from MasterClass or Mike Garson from Playground Sessions, you can rest assured that so long as you follow their instructions thoroughly, you'll become a solid piano player.

Lesson Plans and Overall Curriculum

A well-structured and balanced curriculum is essential for getting the most out of your learning experience. Most online lessons will give you an overview of the lessons they offer. Take this opportunity to ensure they have what you're looking for; whether you're just learning how to play, want to brush up on your skills, or master something new.

The curriculum should align with your goals as a pianist-in-training. If you want to learn how to play the Jazz piano, sites like Jazzedge Academy might work better for you than others.

Teaching Methods and Resources

Different teaching methods work for different students. Find the methods you learn from best and go from there. In general, we recommend teaching methods that allow you to learn at your speed and come with adaptive feedback so you get real-time instruction on how to play.

Educational resources are vital in your learning journey. Sites like Pianoforall come with hundreds of downloadable eBooks you can learn from.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much experience do you need for online piano lessons?

You don't need any experience to begin learning how to play piano. If you're brand new and want an easy place to begin, we highly recommend the beginner course at Artist Works.

Can I get access to free lessons?

Yes, most sites will allow you to try their lessons for a week before requiring a subscription. Most of the piano courses we included above include a free trial.

What teaching methods are used in online piano lessons?

Video tutorials, adaptive feedback, video exchange programs, and more are all included in online courses. Check the specific site you're interested in to see what methods they include.


The right piano lessons can turn a beginner into an expert and an expert into a master. Our #1 pick overall for the best online piano lesson is Flowkey for their affordable price, thorough lesson plan, and wide range of songs to choose from.

If you want to learn about music theory as well as how to play piano, we recommend legendary Herbie Hancock's MasterClass.

We hope this list helps you on your way to becoming a master pianist. With all of these great lessons online, the next MasterClass may be taught by you!

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