7 Best Signature Guitars of 2024

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With so many signature guitar models out there, it can be a difficult process to know which one is the best signature guitar for you.

But you want to make sure you pick out a great signature model because these types of guitars often feature some of the best design and quality on a manufacturer's roster - and are even more exciting due to their collaboration with influential players.

If you're in the market for a new signature guitar - you've just come to the perfect destination! This guide is going to show you the best signature models on the market today. We'll also share a buyer's guide full of tips to help you find a model that suits you perfectly.

One amazing signature guitar to look at is the Ibanez Ichika Signature ICHI10. This guitar offers a fantastic feel and sound quality, as well as a unique look and loads of features. It has a huge range of tones thanks to its coil-tapping feature and looks and sounds majestic.

That said, there are countless other truly compelling signature guitars available - so check out the rest of this guide for a tasty lineup!

Quick Summary of the Best Signature Guitars

  1. Ibanez Ichika Signature ICHI10 (Influential Collaboration)
  2. Ibanez Steve Vai Signature JEMJR (Affordable Icon)
  3. Squier J Mascis Signature Jazzmaster (Great for Grunge)
  4. Ibanez TOD10 Tim Henson Signature (For Polyphia Fans)
  5. Ibanez Steve Vai Signature PIA77BON Brilliance of Now (JEM on Acid)
  6. Fender Tom Morello Stratocaster (Rage Against)
  7. ESP LTD James Hetfield Signature Snakebyte (Metallica's Monster)

Best Signature Guitars

As far as signature guitars go, you'll struggle to find any that compete with the following list. These are easily the best signature guitar deals currently available - and offer exceptional quality, performance, and functionality. Enjoy!

Influential Collaboration

A new influential guitarist offers a unique and mysterious headless guitar - designed for virtuosic playing.
Why We Love It
Unique headless design
Excellent craftsmanship
Creamy feel and tone


  • Style: Ichika Signature
  • Pickups: 3 x R-1 Single-coil
  • Materials: Nyatoh body, Roasted Maple neck
  • Fret Count: 24

Ichika Nito is a rising talent - a virtuoso at playing guitar (and other instruments), who has shot to fame in recent years thanks to his unique short-form performances on YouTube.

His viral videos have landed him a top spot in the online guitar community, with each of his videos dazzling the audience with his unique and unusual guitar playing.

Talking of unique and unusual - his signature guitar would certainly suit those words as a description. Crafted by Ibanez, it uses a futuristic-looking, headless design - it looks like a Stratocaster if it were designed on an alien planet.

Attractive looks aside, this thing looks and feels the part, too - and is often used by the maestro himself, which is a testament to its uncompromising quality.

If you are into a more modern (or even futuristic) style of guitar, this is a fantastic choice. The pickups are more suited to crystal-clean tones than heavier vibes, but it's still versatile enough to work in basically any situation.

Affordable Icon

An affordable version of one of the most iconic signature guitars of all time - made by one of the most iconic guitar players of all time, Steve Vai!
Why We Love It
Iconic JEM style
Super affordable
Unique build


  • Style: JEM Super Strat
  • Pickups: 2 x Quantum Humbucker, 1 x Single Coil
  • Materials: Meranti Body, Maple Neck
  • Fret Count: 24 Jumbo

If you've been playing guitar for more than a couple of years, you will have heard of Steve Vai - and you should be aware of his signature JEM guitar. You'll recognize it by the unique fretboard inlay featuring Vai's Tree of Life pattern.

Typically, these JEM guitars cost multiple thousands of dollars - which puts them out of reach for a lot of guitarists. However, it is now time to thank Ibanez for offering a more affordable version of this classic signature guitar model.

This version features nearly all of the same unique design features of the more expensive models, including the Tree of Life inlay, the monkey grip carrying handle cut into the body, and the floating whammy bridge (which has excellent tuning retention).

Of course, it uses the exact same body shape and dimensions, using the super strat style. The most notable feature missing compared to the originals is the scalloped higher frets. Regardless - this guitar features all the other design concepts you need for fast playing.

Another neat feature of this affordable guitar is the inclusion of Quantum pickups. These articulate, and visceral pickups have a hot tone that cuts through the crowd and helps to convey your expressive playing in great detail.

Despite the low cost, this axe looks and sounds great - and is pretty close to the original signature models. The attention to detail, build, and sound quality are noticeably lower than the originals, but these are still a treat to play.

Great for Grunge

A sweet and affordable Jazzmaster designed with an icon of grunge and post-punk music - Dinosaur Jr's legendary J Masics.
Why We Love It
Unique Jazzmaster style
Warm, rich pickups
Affordable & high quality


  • Style: Jazzmaster
  • Pickups: 2 x Jazzmaster Single-coil Soapbars
  • Materials: Basswood body, Roasted Maple neck
  • Fret Count: 21 Jumbo

Lead guitarist and songwriter of '80s alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr, J Mascis is a dearly beloved character in the guitar world. With a unique, heavier style of guitar playing, Mascis's chops have influenced countless players.

This collaboration between J and Squier results in an affordable Jazzmaster that both looks and sounds amazing. This signature axe gets you a tasty-looking Squier Jazzmaster with a few modifications based on Mascis's own Jazzmasters.

This electric guitar features the classic Jazzmaster whammy bridge, two soap bar-style pickups, and the iconic Jazzmaster electronic circuit controls. The visual style of this guitar is also super attractive - with an off-white body paint color and a shiny gold scratchplate!

Overall, if J Mascis is your guitar hero, you really can't go wrong with this. If you are into fuzzy alternative rock, the feel and sound of this guitar will serve you well. Sure, being a Squier guitar means that the quality might not be quite up to Fender standards - but it's a great value for money given the low cost!

For Polyphia Fans

As equally idiosyncratic as the signature artist, this guitar is designed to be shredded with the highest levels of skill.
Why We Love It
Tim Henson!
High playability
Clean but versatile


  • Style: Super Strat
  • Pickups: 2 x Signature Humbuckers
  • Materials: American Basswood body, Roasted Maple neck
  • Fret Count: 24 Jumbo

Tim Henson, one of the creative minds behind progressive math rock band Polyphia, has teamed up with Ibanez to bring fans a brilliant signature guitar.

If you've ever listened to Polyphia (you definitely should), you'll understand the serious level of virtuosity the members have - particularly Henson, who is regarded by many as this generation's Steve Vai.

In terms of pickups, it uses 2 multi-voice Fishman Fluence Tim Henson Signature humbuckers. These utilize coil tapping, meaning that you can switch them to a single coil mode if you want a more cutting tone. This lets you switch between 10 different total voices, which is double the typical 5 voices offered by a three-pickup system.

There are several elements of this guitar's design that help to maximize tone quality and resonance, including the floating tremolo and graph-tec nut. The use of pristine tone woods gives the guitar a nice feel and sound too.

It features a more minimalistic aesthetic than most guitars on this list; however, the sleek silver sheen and gorgeously decorated fretboard have a sophisticated and tasteful style. With a referential name of 'Tree of Death,' the fret inlays both serve as fret markers and also some eye candy.

If you play prog/math rock, this guitar is definitely a strong choice - although we don't want to pigeonhole this guitar, as it's versatile enough to excel in basically any electric guitar genre.

JEM on Acid

These limited-run guitars sell out extremely fast - unsurprising, given how stunning they are.
Why We Love It
Just look at it!
A modern take on Vai's cla
Incredible feel and sound


  • Style: Vai Super Strat
  • Pickups: DiMarzio UtoPIA (1 x Single, 2 x Humbucker)
  • Materials: Alder body, Walnut neck
  • Fret Count: 24

For many people, the looks of this guitar alone are enough to hit the buy button! Just look at how brilliant this thing is - it's a true work of art.

The Vai Brilliance of Now signature is the JEM on acid. The body shape is similar, with a slightly trippier grip handle. The Tree of Life, pickup, and floating bridge are all still there - albeit just a bit more exotic looking!

These guitars are pretty hard to get your hands on, but they do occasionally release new runs, which get dropped on Sweetwater. Make sure to register for alerts if you're hunting for this model!

Rage Against

Based on Morello's signature 'Soul Power' Strat, this Fender recreation has a tone and feels worthy to be played by truly legendary players.
Why We Love It
Beefy tone
Designed for articulation
Faithful appearance


  • Style: Soul Power Strat
  • Pickups: 3 x Fender Vintage Noiseless Single-coil
  • Materials: Alder Body, Mahogany Neck, Ebony Fingerboard
  • Fret Count: 22 Medium Jumbo

Widely known as the guitarist from the punk band Rage Against the Machine - Tom Morello makes no sacrifices when it comes to achieving the finest tones and maximizing the playability of his instruments.

This Stratocaster signature model offers the look, feel, and sound of Morello's punky guitar playing. It's super comfortable thanks to the C-shape neck and lighter alder body.

Despite being lighter than other electrics, this guitar isn't lacking in the resonance department. All of which is enhanced by the pristine pickups used.

Besides the sound and build quality, this guitar has all the features that you will need to play Morello's techniques, including a mounted kill switch and a double-locking tremolo. The tremolo lets you pull off some massive pitch-bends and nose dives without any worries of the guitar going out of tune too quickly.

Another neat but small detail we really love is the colored headstock. This matches the body color and adds a nice finishing touch. If you want it to be even closer to the original, the guitar ships with a 'Soul Power' decal, so you can stick the original words onto this axe.

Metallica's Monster

A signature Firebird-esque model from Metallica's main man - this is a true monster!
Why We Love It
Sweet aesthetic
Powerful tone
Fast neck


  • Style: LTD James Hetfield Snakebyte
  • Pickups: 2 x EMG HJ "HET" Humbuckers
  • Materials: Mahogany neck and body
  • Fret Count: 22 Extra Jumbo

If you're a fan of heavy metal tones, then this signature guitar from Metallica's James Hetfield might be the perfect instrument for you.

Everything about this guitar is designed for powerful, aggressive playing. From the active EMG pickups to the refined fretboard - this guitar helps you play fast and heavy.

The pickups themselves are also Hetfield's signatures, used on his other guitars. They have been incredibly well designed by the pickup experts of EMG to bring you pickups that have the high-gain clarity of active pickups while also providing the dynamics and punch of passive pickups. Truly an engineering marvel!

The shape, weight, and feel of this guitar are also impressive. It feels well-balanced, refined, and very comfortable - all of which make it easier and quicker to play. The visual style is also something to be appreciated!

Whether you are a fan of Metallica or not, this guitar has a lot to be loved for - and is a strong contender if you're looking to make some monstrous tones!

Best Signature Guitars Buyer's Guide

If you're choosing a signature guitar, there's a high chance that this is a significant investment for you. These models often fetch a high price (deservedly), so you'll want to make sure your money is spent well and you buy a guitar that will keep you happy for the rest of your life (or at least a few decades)!

The following buyer's guide discusses some key considerations to be made when choosing a signature guitar. Make sure you spend a bit of time thinking about these points before buying a guitar - it will definitely be helpful!

Favorite Artist

One of the first things to think about when choosing a signature guitar is - whose signature guitar do you want? There are thousands of signature guitars out there, all endorsed (or made in collaboration) by some of the world's best guitar players. From Jimi Hendrix to James Hetfield and countless others, you'll definitely be able to find a guitar from one of your heroes.

While not all guitarists have signature models, many of the big names do - so check if any of your favorite players have models.

Your Playing Style

Every guitar player has a unique playing style - including you! You should make sure that you find a guitar that suits your style and genre preferences. If you like harder playing styles, then pick a beefier guitar; if you prefer things on the cleaner, mellower end, then have a look for a more chilled instrument!

Features, Design, and Build

You should also make sure that the guitar has all the features, design, and build qualities that you are looking for.

This includes things like pickups, controls, whammy bars, bridges, and wood materials. Some of these are more important than others, but there can be a large amount of variation between models.

Wood Selection

The type of wood used in a guitar's construction affects its tone and weight. You can find a range of woods used in the neck, body, and fretboard, and each one has its own unique sound and feel.

Picking tonewoods is a more nuanced decision and takes a bit of knowledge to understand - however, this is something worth looking into if you want to make a detailed choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a signature guitar?

A signature guitar is a type of guitar model released by a manufacturer in collaboration with a well-known guitarist. Sometimes, they are modeled on the guitar's favorite personal instrument, and other times, it's a completely new build, designed to meet the artist's tastes.

They are so-called 'signature' guitars because they are metaphorically signed with a signature seal of approval from the namesake. These instruments are a great way to achieve the tone of your favorite players - and often own a unique piece of guitar history.

What guitarists have signature guitars?

Many guitarists have released signature guitars over the decades. One of the earliest big names was the Gibson Les Paul, a model made from old-school legend Les Paul, featuring a unique chambered mahogany body.

Other big names include Jimi Hendrix, James Hetfield, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Prince, Jimmy Page, and countless others. The above names are all older characters, but many modern players are also dropping some fantastic signature models.

Which guitarist has the most signature guitars?

While many guitarists have a bunch of signature guitars crafted in their name, none beat James Hetfield's impressive record. Working with manufacturer ESP, Hetfield has released 84 different signature guitar varieties - putting him at the top spot for most signature models!


With all the above information, you shouldn't have any issues finding the best signature guitar for your needs. Make sure you spend some time researching the different models above to work out which is most suitable for your needs and style.

One of our favorites is the Ibanez Ichika Signature ICHI10. At an affordable price, this guitar offers fantastic quality and playability - it also looks very tasty. We found the design to enhance fluid playing, making it easier to play advanced passages and guitar solos!

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