Gibson Unveils Dual Falcon 20 2×10 Combo Amplifier

Gibson's all-tube combo merges vintage vibes with modern flexibility, with a little help from their friends at Mesa Boogie

Gibson Dual Falcon 20 2x10 Combo Amplifier

In a move that’s sure to entice all the classic gear collectors among us, Gibson has re-entered the amplifier market with its new Dual Falcon 20 2x10 Combo Amp. 

By enhancing vintage design with modern features, the Dual Falcon is targeted at the guitarists of today who want that vintage tone, but are too spoiled to give up the conveniences of modern amps.

Handcrafted in Petaluma, California along with the rest of Gibson’s Falcon amps, the new Dual Falcon 20 is based specifically on the classic Falcon models that came out of the golden age of the 1960s. 

But by adding capabilities for effects loops, three different power modes, and other cutting-edge technologies, the Dual Falcon 20 expands significantly upon the original offerings of the 1960s Falcon amps.

So yeah—Gibson’s impetus for creating the Dual Falcon 20 came from the ever-present demand for modern, versatile amps that can also produce truly vintage sounds. 

Gibson Dual Falcon 20 2x10 Combo Amplifier

The mastermind behind the Dual Falcon 20 is none other than Randall Smith, a legendary figure in the music gear world with “five decades of tube amp design experience and performance-pushing ideology.” He was assisted by the small team of experts at Mesa Boogie, his very own company of amp design specialists who have been known to “deliver nothing less than astonishing results.”

Here’s a quick snapshot of the amazing features these wizards were able to pack into this amp:

  • Two-channel flexibility with loop and power switching allow you to get really specific with customizing your sounds, something that wouldn’t be possible with a more generic, single-channel amp.
  • The Dual Falcon 20 features real, lush spring reverb and smooth tremolo, which enhance the amp's depth and texture far beyond what’s possible with most modern amps that simply try (and usually fail) to digitally recreate these sounds.
  • Options for 6L6 or 6V6 power tubes, as well as three-level Multi-Watt™ power scaling allow for precise volume and clip control, producing the hugely diverse tonal range that makes this amp ideal for almost any playing environment or style you can think of.
  • An amp is only as good as its final sound output system. The Dual Falcon 20’s 10" Jensen® Blackbird Alnico speakers ensure that the amp’s top-quality tone actually gets delivered safely intact to your eardrums.

The Dual Falcon 20 2x10 exemplifies Gibson's innovation in merging classic, vintage appeal with modern performance. It’s one of the only amps I’ve ever come across that can truly serve both those snobby, vintage enthusiasts and today’s feature-demanding contemporary musicians.

At just over $2,000, this amp isn’t exactly an impulse purchase. But I can personally attest that the price tag accurately reflects the value you’ll be getting from this baby.

The Dual Falcon 20 is available all across the world through authorized Gibson dealers, as well as directly from Gibson itself via their website.

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Images courtesy of Gibson

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