Brian Johnson Open to Work on New Music with AC/DC: “I’d Be Up For It”

Weeks after AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson was “told not to” talk about the band’s future plans on Eddie Trunk’s Trunk Nation on SiriusXM, the singer revealed that he is “up for” working on new music with the band.

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“I would love to do music again, whether it’ll be guesting with somebody, whether it be actually playing live with the boys,” said Johnson in a separate interview, discussing his 2022 autobiography The Lives of Brian: A Memoir. “I’ve heard that term ‘hell freezes over’ a million times before with people saying ‘I’m not doing that again,’ but I’d be up for it. I think everybody hopes to make more music. But I feel like now the next thing I’ve got is, I want to jump into my race car, put the helmet on and just go racing.”

Johnson added, “It’s a bit like music, a bit like the start of a show—the flag drops and the bullshit stops and it’s just you and lots of other people trying to go as fast as you can. I guess I’ve always liked that element of danger.”

In his previous interview on SiriusXM, Johnson was adamant about not talking about any AC/DC plans, or if he would perform with the band again. “I’m not answering that,” said Johnson. “Why should I? First of all, there’s five members in this band, and to ask one member isn’t fair.”

He added, “I’ve been told not to by everybody. It’s the official line.”

Johnson, 75, last performed with the band in 2016 before he was forced to leave AC/DC’s Rock Or Bust Tour due to hearing problems. Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose filled in for him on the remainder of the tour.

In September 2009, Johnson was diagnosed with Barrett syndrome, which caused AC/DC to cancel several shows on their 2010 tour in support of their 2008 album, Black Ice

AC/DC released their 17th album, Power Up, in 2020.


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