Carlos Santana Reunites 22 Years Later with Rob Thomas on “Move,” Off New Album ‘Blessings and Miracles’

Carlos Santana has reunited with Rob Thomas for the first time since the duo’s 1999 hit “Smooth” with a new single “Move,” off Santana’s upcoming new album Blessings and Miracles, out Oct. 15. 

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A follow up to “She’s Fire,” featuring Diane Warren and G Eazy, “Move” is the second single off the guitarist’s star-studded album, also featuring collaborations with Chris Stapleton, Ally Brooke, Corey Glover, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, and the late Chick Corea and his wife Gayle Moran Corea, and Steve Winwood on a newer rendition of Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” in addition to Santana’s touring band of singer Tommy Anthony, drummer Cindy Blackman.

“The title of this album comes from my belief that we’re born with heavenly powers that allows us to create blessings and miracles,” Santana says. “The world programs you to be unworthy of those gifts, but we have to utilize light, spirit, and soul—they’re indestructible and immutable. Those are the three main elements on this album.”

Santana’s son Salvador also offers vocals and keyboards on “Rumbalero,” featuring Asdru Sierra, while daughter Stella is featured, along with Avi Snow and MVCA on Blessings track “Breathing Underwater.”

Working on Blessings and Miracles for the past two years, and serving as its producer, Santana admits that he still hasn’t met the collaborators on the album since most was recorded remotely. “It’s amazing how we can record together these days without being in the same studio,” Santana notes. “I just close my eyes and I’m in the same room with whomever I’m playing with, even if they’re somewhere far away. We share frequencies together.”

On “Move,” it sounds as if 22 years never passed since “Smooth” with Santana and Thomas mixing up more Spanish Harlem beats, meringue, pop and rock on the track, which also features Zac Barnett and American Authors.

“‘Move’ came about very much like how ‘Smooth’ happened,” says Santana. “It was like divine intelligence behind the scenes, and I just knew I had to record it with Rob. The song is about awakening your molecules. Ignite and activate yourself… you know, move. When Rob and I work together, we have a sound that’s splendiferous.”

On the more soulful “She’s Fire,” one of two tracks written by Warren, Santana maneuvers his guitar around a more stirring tale told by rapper G-Eazy. “He’s so talented, says Santana of Eazy. “I’m thrilled at how we both sound on this song,” he says. “It reminds me of when Bill Graham once told me: ‘Your music is spiritual and sensual. That’s who you are.’ And that’s the message of ‘She’s Fire.’”

Getting back on the road for the first time in 18 months, Santana and his band will resume their residency at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas with the Blessings and Miracles tour running from Sept. through Oct.

For Blessings and Miracles, Santana admits that all the collaborations manifested like magic.

“I don’t choose people—it’s like I’m chosen,” says Santana. “But, of course, I’m honored to work with such incredible artists. I’m a surfer riding those waves that become songs by different artists, creators and architects. I’m very fortunate that I have the opportunity to do that. It’s a gift I don’t take for granted.”

Blessings and Miracles tracklist:

1. Ghost of Future Pull/ New Light
2. Santana Celebration”
3. Rumbalero (featuring Salvador Santana & Asdru Sierra)
4. Joy (Carlos Santana & Chris Stapleton)
5. Move (Carlos Santana, Rob Thomas, Zac Barnett & American Authors)
6. A Whiter Shade of Pale (featuring Steve Winwood)
7. Break (featuring Ally Brooke)
8. She’s Fire (Diane Warren, G-Eazy & Carlos Santana)
9. Peace Power (featuring Corey Glover)
10. America for Sale (featuring Kirk Hammett & Marc Osegueda)
11. Breathing Underwater (featuring Stella Santana, Avi Snow, MVCA)
12. Mother Yes
13. Song for Cindy
14. Angel Choir (featuring Gayle Moran Corea)/ All Together (featuring Chick Corea)
15. Ghost of Future Pull II

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