Carly Pearce on Why Lainey Wilson and Cody Johnson Have Her No Longer Feeling Like a Country Outcast

Having performed on stage since a teenager, Carly Pearce first started in the music industry by appearing on numerous bluegrass albums. Wanting to expand her own career in country, the singer eventually moved to Nashville, Tennesse with the hopes of capturing the spotlight. And now, with four studio albums, Pearce not only nurtured a promising solo career but she received awards from the Country Music Association, the Academy of Country Music, and even the Grammy Awards. She is also a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Recently, the star discussed her time in country music and how the genre is once again cool. 

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Discussing her new album Hummingbird, which released back in June, with Kyle Meredith, Pearce noted how she wanted it to carry the same impact as her last album 29: Written in Stone. She said, “I’ve been told for so long that ‘you’re too country’ or ‘you sound dated’ or all of these different things until I started making music. But I felt for a long time that I was like one of the only ones making country music.”

Besides contributing to country music over the years, Pearce admitted to no longer feeling alone given the addition of stars like Lainey Wilson. “Just off the top of my head. Lainey Wilson, Cody Johnson. I feel like Ernest is putting out songs that remind me of like the country classics. Country is the coolest thing right now. As Lainey says, ‘Country is cool again.’”  

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Carly Pearce Continues To Perform After Announcing Heart Condition

Outside of the studio, Pearce announced back in May that her concerts might look a little different moving forward due to her being diagnosed with pericarditis. Sharing the news online, the singer said, “We have all decided that it is in my best interest as I’m healing to alter my shows a little bit. So if my shows look a little bit different, just know it’s because I have to keep my heart rate under control right now. And that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be completely fine, it just means right now I’ve got to really take this seriously.”  

With her new album gaining praise from fans, it appears Pearce continues to showcase her talents as country music is cool again.

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