Chris Stapleton Finds Himself on the Wrong Side of Love in SNL Skit “Get That Boy Back”

While Saturday Night Live is known for producing some hilarious skits over the season, on Saturday, Ryan Gosling took over Studio 8H alongside the musical guest for the evening, Chris Stapleton. With Gosling showcasing his talents in the hit film Barbie and Stapleton a top name in country music, the night was sure to bring the laughs. And what better way than to have both Gosling and Stapleton in the same skit together? 

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Although country music has gone through some changes over the decades, there is still a place for ballads of broken hearts, lost loves, and the sting of heartbreak. Encompassing that rich history of country music, SNL decided to showcase a new music video called, “Get That Boy Back.” Surrounding a group of ladies who wanted nothing more than to get revenge on their exes, the girls soon realized one of them took it a little too far. 

Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Chris Stapleton

While most of the ladies discussed keying cars or getting their brothers to beat up their exes, one girl went into a monologue about how she changed her ex’s shoes, hid in his mother’s house, and even got her brother to make Stapleton’s character believe he was going bald. Showing just how far a woman is willing to go to get revenge, fans loved the collaboration not just between the cast and Stapleton, but between the country star and Gosling, who also appeared in the skit. 

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Online, fans gushed over the skit, writing, “Chris Stapleton is a natural! I can definitely see him hosting sometime soon. He’s a great artist and has the comedic chops to pull it off.” Another comment read, “I didn’t think I could love Chris’ voice anymore after hearing Tenessee Whiskey, but hearing him scream at 2:50 made me love it even more. I love seeing Ego killing it with her country voice and Chloe Troast always shocks me with how much power she has in her singing voice.” And one person added, “Absolutely brilliant skit & fab song – and all those singers – Ego Nwodim, Chris Stapleton, Chloe Fineman, Ryan Goslin were fire. Chloe Troast was definitely the stand-out for me!!”

Not looking to leave country music, if Stapleton does decide to branch out, it appears he might have a spot in comedy.

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