Comment Of The Week: Use Somebody

(photo by Debbie VanStory)

We like this comment, just for the well-set up diss.

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Reader Jerry comments on our Kings Of Leon (one of our favorites, by the way) Shutter post:

The members of Kings of Leon must get good cell reception because they phone everything in. Show some emotion on stage please. This band is starting to bore everyone except 44 year old Uncle Larry who just downloaded “Use Somebody” from iTunes and is telling all the young people in his office that KOL reminds him of U2.

Have you seen Kings Of Leon lately? Do you agree or disagree?

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  1. Look, these guys are selling out areas because their music is really good. But their shows sound exactly like the CD.

    Also, KOL just canceled a show because a pigeon took a poop on the bass player during one of the songs.

    Wow. That’s rock n’ roll.

    Primmmmmmmmmma Donna???????????????

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