Country Star Announces He Is Taking a Short Hiatus: “It’s Really Hit Me”

While only spending a few years in country music, Ernest always shared a love for music. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, the singer grew up with influences like John Mayer, George Strait, and even Eminem. After going to college, Ernest decided to step into music as he helped write songs for Morgan Wallen, Thomas Rhett, Chris Lane, and even Jelly Roll. Having collaborated with numerous country music stars and releasing his own solo albums, the singer recently announced he is taking a break from performing. 

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With Ernest gaining fans with each new performance, the singer shared a shocking update on Instagram when he decided to take a step away from the stage. But it isn’t all bad as he insisted the break is only for a short time so he can focus on family. “Getting out and playing for you guys every night has been a dream. But running non-stop I’m not gonna lie, it’s taken its toll on me. After getting back from London, it’s really hit me.”

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Ernest Promises To Return To The Stage Soon

Explaining his decision to step away for a moment, Ernest added, “I’m going to be taking about a month off to reset and spend some time at home with my family. My son, Ryman is now at the age where every time I get home, he asks me if Im leaving… and I just can’t stand hearing him ask for daddy thru a phone call any more… I wanna spend quality time at home and pour into that reserve.”

With his post gaining thousands of likes, Ernest promised he would return. “I’m lucky to have a lot of incredible things coming up, and because of that I want to show up as my best self for my family and for you guys. We will be back on the road soon, and I can’t thank you all enough for the support – y’all be good.”

Fans filled the comment with love for Ernest and understood his reasoning for taking a break. As one fan claimed, “Crowds will come and go, but you’d kids are forever and only little for a short time. Take all the time you can.”

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