Craig Greenberg Explores Current Politics With “All The Hate in the World”

An era of extreme polarization creates a delicate balance between remaining optimistic and turning a blind eye to hatred and injustice. New York-native, Craig Greenberg, explores the current state of the country with single, “All The Hate In The World.” The song is the second release off his forthcoming record.  Pre-save it here.

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Greenberg wrote this politically-charged, piano-driven track during the 2016 election. “It started from a personal perspective, but it quickly morphed into a political song about the rise of a certain leader of the free world and the overall general amount of hate that seems to be in high supply these days,” said Greenberg. “It also alludes to people who are able to put on blinders to it all. As much as I try to remain optimistic, sometimes I wish I could be one of those people.”

“All The Hate In The World” examines themes of opposition and indifference. Greenberg tells the story of his emotional processing of the action or inactions of others in the face of controversy. Greenberg’s disappointment with the complacency of the public is evident in his lyrics. 

“I feel that in the last few years as a society, we have lost our ability to argue, much less have a discussion with those we don’t agree with. We are so polarized because we can only see in black and white terms when so much of life is shades of grey,” Greenberg shared. “The future is a blending of all the colors, and there are those who will never accept that reality.”

In conclusion, Greenberg charges the listener to live their pain “out loud.” He understands the reality that not everyone will, but maintains his faith in the captive audience that does exist and will continue to combat hatred. 

All politics aside, Greenberg’s masterful storytelling displays itself beautifully in this track. His multilayered instrumentation and soaring vocals put power behind the lyrics to create a political anthem. The song was recorded at Studio G in Brooklyn and was co-produced by Greenberg and Chris Cubeta. Greenberg took charge of the piano, synthesizers, guitars, glockenspiel, and backing vocals. With Don Kennedy Albert on bass, Hiroyuki Matsuura on drums, and the influence of Cubeta in the studio, “All the Hate in the World” is an elevation of Greenberg’s classic sound.  

Listen exclusively to Craig Greenberg’s single, “All The Hate In The World,” on American Songwriter and look for it everywhere else on February 21st.  

Greenberg will perform a free show as part of Rockwood Music Hall’s 15th Anniversary on February 28th @ 8pm on Stage 1. 

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