Daily Discovery: Blessing Offor Believes in “Brighter Days”

Every now and again, we are gifted with songs that get us through life’s toughest moments. Though we may have the capacity for great pain, we also have the capacity for pure joy. Sometimes both exist in tandem. Blessing Offor is an artist who can recognize this kind of joy alongside the pain and harness a persistent hopefulness about the days ahead. Blessing’s single “Brighter Days” is a mantra for the weary and an encouragement to look for life’s silver linings. 

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Brighter Days is the Nigeria-born singer’s debut on Bowyer & Bow/Capitol Christian Music Group. The six-track EP, produced by Hank Bentley (Crowder, Jeremy Camp), Ed Cash (We The Kingdom), and Sam Ellis (Ingrid Andress) is out now. Click HERE for more information. 

The track opens with Offor singing a gentle introduction to the chorus. Accompanying himself on delicate piano, the singer spares no time in delivering his inspiring message:  

I know there’s gonna be some Brighter days  
I swear that love will find you in your pain  
I feel it in me like the beating of life in my veins 
I know there’s gonna be some brighter days 

The lyric is every bit as much of a personal reminder as it is for others. In Blessing’s youth, he sustained damage to his eyes, rendering him blind in his right eye. The singer was just starting to learn piano. The injury didn’t hinder Blessing, however. He believes that it is “a gift that affords him a heightened sense of attunement to the world around him.” 

Blessing is driven by this ability to acknowledge the good within the bad. For him, there’s beauty in both, even if we don’t immediately see it.  

“I create ultimately positive music that doesn’t flinch away from the negative, the darker and grittier aspects of [life],” he tells American Songwriter. 

“Being an immigrant from Nigeria, I often tell people that every day in my life is a miracle, given that I live in Nashville and am working as a singer-songwriter,” he continues. “So obviously, I have a natural bend towards hope and optimism. I love songs that can be joyful without being cheesy or unrealistic.

“Motown had a really great handle on this,” he adds. “Painting the listener a picture that’s only going to disappoint them doesn’t serve anybody well, but telling the listener that things are gonna be okay while acknowledging the reality of where the listener might still be, is infinitely more powerful.” 

Blessing is currently on tour visiting several churches and venues around the U.S. Click HERE for more information.  

Watch the inspiring video for Blessing Offor’s “Brighter Days” below: 

Photo by Robby Klein.

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