Daily Discovery: Cutter Elliott Defies All Odds

Born eight weeks premature in 1995, country singer Cutter Elliott was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, autism, and is both partly blind and deaf. Yet, he continues to defy the odds. Doctors said he would never walk, talk, or play guitar and he’s done all of these things and more. Now, with the release of his latest single, “Heart Ache Waiting To Happen,” Elliott continues to not only defy the odds but beat them as well.

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“Heartache Waiting To Happen,” is about “the good possibility that the beautiful girl I am approaching could be a heartache waiting to happen. And too good to be true,” Elliott shares with American Songwriter. It’s about receiving the pursuit of love with open arms, and while it could end poorly, it’s the experience that Elliott longs for. Moreover, the object of affection defines the experience; liking the person enough to take a chance on a potentially poor outcome.

Throughout the song, judgment is out the window for Elliott. In fact, he sings, It seems my better judgment took a coffee break—a line that he reveals as his favorite. “It’s a spin on the phrase ‘What was I thinking?'” he explains.

With the song, Elliott wants his fans to know to not “be afraid to try even though you might get your heart broken.”

Cutter Elliott describes his music as traditional, with “Heartache Waiting To Happen” taking on the role of a classic country song. “I try to stay as traditional as possible,” he shares. “I use my heroes Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and George Strait as a guide for the songs I choose to pick and write.”

Born and raised in Norman, Oklahoma, Elliott got his songwriting start in Nashville.

“My dear friend, Nashville songwriter/producer Paul Reeves, has been mentoring me over the past few years. On my last visit to Nashville we wrote the songs for my release,” he explains. “I met with Paul and talked about how my heart had recently been broken by a beautiful girl. He played me the song, I thought it was perfect for what I had just gone through.”

You can check out “Heartache Waiting to Happen” below.

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