Kelly Clarkson Stuns Crowd With Heartbreaking Performance of Reba’s McEntire’s “Till You Love Me”

First appearing on stage during the season one auditions for American Idol, Kelly Clarkson used the show to shape a career that continues today. Besides winning the first season, the singer went on to release several studio albums, win three Grammy Awards, helm her own talk show, and even gain a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With VH1 placing her on their list of 100 Greatest Women in Music, Clarkson recently showcased her talents on The Kelly Clarkson Show when she decided to cover one of Reba McEntire’s hit songs. 

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While rubbing shoulders with fellow singers and celebrities, fans love nothing more than listening to Clarkson cover songs from different artists and genres. Most recently, she performed Reba’s 1994 hit “Till You Love Me.” Gaining over 40,000 likes since posted, fans rushed to the comments, praising her. 

Looking at what the fans had to say, comments included, “I love how she kept the accompaniment more sparse and pared back. That choice allowed us to really hone in on the dynamic and stylistic choices she made in her version.” Another person added, “What a great Reba cover with the perfect amount of Kelly blended into the truth Reba gave this song. I would love to hear Kelly’s interpretation of the full version of “She thinks his name was John.”  

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Kelly Clarkson Discusses Touring With Kids

As for rubbing shoulders with fellow artists, Clarkson discussed the highs and lows of touring with Meghan Trainor. Currently preparing to hit the road, Trainor discussed how she is taking her husband, Daryl Sabara, and their two children on the road. Clarkson shared her own experience, explaining, “It’s about you getting proper sleep. And I’m going to warn you. I tried this. I tried this and it was fine with the one kid, but when you went out, when you tried with two — and then I had dogs, too — I was like, ‘Who do I think I am?’”

Giving her some advice, Clarkson insisted, “Can I give you a tip? I was going to say I have one tip for you and this is because I think a lot of — especially women — have so much guilt on the road, just in general, but especially with your kid, you feel like you have to wake up with them. Don’t do that. Have someone. Let him wake up with them. Sleep in as long as you can because you don’t go onstage for your vocals until late.”

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