Emmy Russell Responds to Critics After Her ‘American Idol’ Top 14 Performance

Emmy Russell has been making waves on American Idol. Her original songs and her great voice have made her a fan favorite. At the same time, she’s giving fans of the show a look at who she really is. For instance, she dressed comfortably and washed off her makeup before her audition. She repeated that after the performance that landed her in the Top 14. These choices have brought both praise and criticism from viewers.

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When she took the stage to learn that she made the Top 14 and sang her song “Skinny” to celebrate, she did so comfortably. She wore a plain shirt, jeans with holes in the knees, and completed the look with bare feet. While she was doing all she could to be comfortable in the moment, viewers couldn’t help but criticize the bold choice to be herself on television. She took to social media to share her thoughts on the criticism.

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Emmy Russell Responds to Critics

In a reel, Russell thanked those who helped her get to the next round of competition. Then, she discussed those who took the time to criticize her appearance. “Y’all I just wanted to get on here and say ‘Thank you’ I made Top 14 on American Idol and I’m just really grateful,” she began.

 “I have a quote for you. I got inspired. So here it is,” Russell continued. Then, she quoted German poet Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, saying, “He who has no opinion of his own but depends on the opinions and tastes of others is a slave.” Then, she began to clarify what she meant with the quote.

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“Guys, there’s so many times in my life—and I’m really seeing this. It’s like ‘Should I sing this? Should I open my eyes when I sing? Should I wear this? Do you like this? Do you like that? Do you like—‘ and it’s like when do you even ask yourself ‘What do I like? What do I believe? God, what do you think?’” she explained.

“Everybody’s opinion is different. It’s so subjective,” she continued. Russell went on to say that she saw this when she performed “Skinny” in a plain shirt and jeans. “That started such a little comment thing. I was like ‘This is hilarious.’ I was uncomfortable the night before so we were like let’s strip it back.”

Russell went on to say that people were leaving comments about how ugly her outfit was. However, the night before people were commenting on how uncomfortable she looked and how it was affecting her ability to perform.

“Opinions just do not mean that they are true. Don’t be a slave to another’s opinion,” she concluded.

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