Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Zac Brown and the Zac Brown Band

On Friday, October 15), the acclaimed country group Zac Brown Band released its newest record, The Comeback. Fronted by singer-songwriter Zac Brown, the new release is both tender and celebratory, personal and proud. It’s a vibe.

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Brown, 43, grew up singing to James Taylor records. Now, he’s become a prolific singer all his own. His group has achieved such levels of respect that they are set to open for the legendary band The Rolling Stones in Brown’s hometown of Atlanta on November 11.

The date is one of three that Brown and company have on the books. The group, which did have a slew of dates set, had to pause their tour after Brown dealt with complications from COVID-19. Now through, the group is ramping up and getting ready to go out on the road for its gig with the Stones.

But before all that can go down, Brown is set to release behind the scenes documentary footage of his illustrious group as he talks about their craft, their bond and their passion for songs. The doc is set to arrive Friday (October 22), but American Songwriter has an exclusive preview today.

In the exclusive footage, which includes some welcomed sage cleansing, the band members talk about the nerves they experienced coming back to the studio after significant time off during quarantine. They talk about the sound of the band itself. How it harkens back to earlier days. In this way, Brown says, the sound has both evolved and remembered its roots.

Finally, Brown talks about relating to his audience, how everyone has shared this common experience from the past year-plus, and how that bonds everyone, no matter where each of us are from.

“The music on this album,” Brown says in the footage, “represents who we are as people going through the same human things everybody goes through.”

See more in the exclusive clips below.

And check out some of the band’s recent music video releases below.

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