Fake Bonnaroo Lineup Hits The Internet

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Oh, the humanity!

Paste.com mistakenly posted a fake lineup today for the 2011 Bonnaroo Festival, one that was apparently too good to be true. The accompanying poster promised a dream roster, with headlining sets from U2, R.E.M., Lil’ Wayne and more.

Anywho, hopefully this (not for real) list of bands serves as a cheat sheet for the promoters of this year’s Bonnaroo. We’d love to spend a day listening to Wilco, Robert Plant, Neil Young, and the like. Let it be so.


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  1. I agree, this would be disappointing for sure. Coachella w/ Animal Collective, who are probably going to be playing new material from an unheard album, The Strokes w/new material and Arcade Fire after the year they’ve had. Ratatat, Klaxons, too many to name. They’ve basically smashed every festival lineup for the past 5 years

  2. wow. i was thinking of going to my 3rd bonnaroo this year, but if this was the lineup i say no thankyou. u2? lil wayne? rem? there are a couple good ones, but nothing worth the ticket price, gas, the crowd, and that HOT bonnaroo weather.

  3. While this poster has been recanted as “fake,” if you look at the line-up there are some names on the list that wouldn’t immediately come to mind if you were putting together a wholly fabricated poster. Which to me suggests that there may be a lot of truth to this so-called fabrication. Could someone inside Superfly have accidentally leaked this and now playing CYA? Who’d have thought to put Mavis Staples on a fake poster? (And to me, the inclusion of Mavis Staples very much echoes the Mighty Clouds of Joy’s opening day booking last year.) Loretta Lynn? Shades of Kris Kristofferson’s and John Prine’s “roots music” turns at Bonnaroo 2010. All I’m saying is, don’t be surprised if this poster turns out to be more fact than fiction when the lineup is “officially” announced.

  4. This is a dream line up. I would smoke sooooooooo mannyyyy joints and vibe out to all these amazing groups. I would also make my way to the front row for all of them. Heck yes I would.

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