Fender Tune App now available on Android

Fender Tune App
Fender Tune App
Fender Tune App

The Fender Tune App is now available on Android. On the heels of the successful August iOS /Apple launch the Fender Tune App gives players the ability to tune their guitars and basses no matter where they are. Accurate, accessible, and, most importantly, free, the Fender Tune App is every guitar player’s dream.

This app is not only quick and convenient, but provides much more than the average tuner. Its wide range of capabilities makes it useful for players at every level. For beginners, the app provides:

  • Step-by-step instructions, teaching users to tune their guitars in a matter of minutes.
  • Helpful tips, tricks, and hints along the way centered not just on tuning, but also on how to perfect tone and using amplifier knobs.

For the experienced players, Fender Tune boasts the accuracy and precision that standard tuners provide using DSP (digital signal processing) technology. The app has an option of using the auto tune or manual tune setting based on player preference. Also, there are plenty of tuning varieties; players can choose from standard, open G, drop D, and nineteen additional tunings to use.

The compatibility of the app via both Apple devices and Android™ devices is a first for Fender, who is beginning to make its mark in the digital space.  The introduction of apps to Android are foreshadowing more new digital offerings from Fender later in the year. The apps can be downloaded via Google Play beginning January 26, 2017.


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